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WIMS Working Groups (WG)

There are many ways to get involved with WIMS on a deeper level. WIMS offers three working groups that align with the mission of our organization. Please click here to sign up and email members to get involved today!

Mentorship WG

Promote professional and personal development of women faculty members through offering mentoring services to all UC COM WIMS members.

Lactation space WG

The specific goals of the group will identify space(s) for this purpose, and follow up to be sure it is addressed.

Childcare WG

Addresses current and missing childcare policies that align with the WIMS mission and vision.

“Make UC COM the best place for parents to work!”


WIMS President 2022-23

Danielle Clark
Hospital Medicine (IM)

Heather Christensen PhD

Advisor (Past President)
Heather Christensen
Medical Education


Liz Leenellett
Emergency Medicine

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