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Benefits of the Program

The master's program in physiology provides a course of study designed to help college graduates strengthen their academic credentials in preparation for application to U.S. medical schools.  Our program is a one-year course of study in which you will earn a Master's degree and will demonstrate to medical school admissions committees that you are fully prepared for a rigorous medical school curriculum.  Unlike many such programs, our curriculum immerses students in a side-by-side environment with our first year medical students (see Program Comparison Chart).  For three of the first year medical school courses, you will sit in the same lectures, have the same laboratory experiences (including gross anatomy labs!), and take the same exams as first year medical school students.  From September through March you will have an authentic medical school experience.

The special master's program in physiology provides an enriching experience that will:

  • Expose students to the rigors and excitement of authentic medical school coursework and the fundamentals of biomedical research.
  • Allow students to take classes and identical exams with first-year medical students, and to be ranked in their performance directly against currently matriculated medical students, as well as recent graduates of the first-year medical student class.
  • Provide students with significant insights into the medical school interview process with mock interview sessions in both the traditional interview process and the multiple mini interview (MMI).
  • Expose students to other aspects of team-based health care in the context of Interprofessional education.  Students will learn about work in an interdisciplinary medical team, and the diversity of experiences available to enhance medical education and a medical career.
  • Provide excellent preparation for the MCAT through it's broad curriculum for those students seeking to improve their score. 
  • Qualify out-of-state students for Ohio residency and subsequent application to the numerous medical schools in our state.
  • Our small class size (32-40 students) allows us to devote significant resources to each student. All students are assigned individual academic advisors as well as peer advisors in the first and second year medical school class. These advisors serve as invaluable resources to help navigate the medical school curriculum.   

New in 2018–19: Medical school interview at UC

Beginning with the Class of 2019, UC SMP graduates who submit a medical-school application to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine will be invited for an interview provided that their performance in the SMP has met certain academic criteria and their conduct satisfies our high standards of professionalism. Students who have been interviewed by UC medical school admissions within the program year are not eligible for an automatic interview after they have graduated from the SMP.

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