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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students from UC's program are accepted into medical school?

Unlike other programs of this type, the UC SMP in Physiology publishes accurate success rates of our students' applications to medical school (see our success rate table) and provides updated information on where our students are attending medical school (refer to Alumni Pages, left).  We are confident that our success rates are among the highest for these types of programs.

Q: As a UC SMP graduate, am I guaranteed a medical-school interview at UC?

Beginning with the graduating class of 2019, UC SMP graduates who submit a medical-school application to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine will be invited for interview provided that their performance in the SMP has met certain academic criteria and their conduct satisfies our high standards of professionalism. Students who have been interviewed by UC medical school admissions within the program year are not eligible for an automatic interview after they have graduated from the SMP.

Q: Do I attend the same lectures and take the same labs as the medical students in each block?

Yes. We limit to 40 the number of students in the master's program so that they can attend the same lectures as medical students (side-by-side) and can be assimilated into the small groups and labs that are part of those medical-school courses. For example, in the anatomy labs, you will be in a group with six other first-year medical students. 

Q: Is the MS in physiology an accredited program? 

Graduates of the program are awarded the MS (master of science) degree in physiology. The degree (and our institution) is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Q: How does the UC master's program compare with similar programs at other institutions? 

The master's program at UC is a one-year program that is similar to 'gap-year', 'glide-year', or special master's programs (SMPs) at several other institutions. View the program comparison table to compare costs and features. View the success rate table to view our students success rates at gaining acceptance to medical school.

Q: How am I graded in medical school courses relative to medical students?

One of the key elements of the master's program is the ranking with the medical students matriculated in the medical-school courses, namely (1) Scientific Foundations of Medicine; (2) Blood System; and (3) Musculoskeletal–Integumentary. Specifically, in letters of recommendation, we will provide information relating to your performance relative to the medical class (your percentage score in the course in comparison to the medical student average score). This information is obviously a very important component of your future application to medical school since it relates specifically to your potential success as a medical student.

Q: How many students are accepted to the program each year?

Our program accepts 40 students.

Q: What are the costs of the SMP in Physiology?

The following fees are charged by the University:

  • Application Fee: The fee to apply to the SMP is $140 and is non-refundable.
  • Tuition and Fees: Tuition and Fees are subject to change each academic year (AY). Tuition and Fees for AY 2021-22 comprised the following fees: Instructional Fee $18,500 per semester, General Fee $398 per semester, Campus Life Fee (which provides, among other benefits, access to UC's award-winning Campus Recreation Center) $257 per semester, IT/IE Fee $184 per semester, and Non-Resident Surcharge $200 per semester. Thus the total fees were $38,678 for in-state residents and $39,078 for out-of-state residents. For the most up-to-date information, visit the University Bursar's web page (select Medicine (26) » Special Graduate Programs » MS in Physiology). Payments are due in two equal installments, at the beginning of each semester. No tuition waivers are available from the Department or the University (tuition remission is not applicable).
  • Student Health Insurance: All full-time students at UC are required to pay a Student Health Insurance fee of $1,180 per semester (fee based on AY 2021-22 rates). The fee is waived if the student demonstrates that she/he has existing coverage.
  • Graduation Application Fee: $50

You should also expect the following additional expenses: 

  • Computer: You must have a Wi-Fi-ready laptop computer (Windows or mac) for your personal use throughout the program. 
  • Textbooks: Required textbooks (as well as journal articles that you will require for your capstone project and other courses) are generally provided to you electronically at no cost via UC Libraries.
  • Software: You will be required to pay a $35 histology software fee for medical-school courses. You will require SigmaPlot v13 for the Statistics and Experimental Design course. UC site-licensed copies may be purchased from the University Bookstore for $70 (one-year license).

Q: When should I apply to the master's program?

Applications are accepted from October 1 in the year prior to matriculation through June 30 in the year of matriculation for entry to the class starting in the fall semester; however, we recommend that you apply as early as possible since offers of admission are made on a rolling basis.

Q: How do I apply?

Visit How to Apply.

Q: When applying, can I submit my GRE or DAT scores in lieu of MCAT scores?

No. MCAT scores are required for an application to the Master's program to be regarded as complete. We do not accept GRE or DAT scores in lieu of MCAT scores.

Q: Are applicants interviewed during the admissions process?

No. Admissions decisions are based on the written materials (including MCAT scores) and optional video essay submitted as part of the online application.

Q: When will I find out if I am accepted into the program?

Applications will be accepted until June 30 but applying earlier is a good idea. We review our first batch of applications starting in December and, based on the quality of applicants, we will start making some early decisions for admissions. A large number of applicants will remain under active consideration until final decisions are made. Movement off the waitlist can continue into late July. Finally, as the application pool increases, we will inform applicants of their position on our waitlist.

Q: What is necessary to reserve a space in the program?

The offer of admission letter will include a requirement that students complete online a ‘confirmation form-respond to offer’ to join the program and submit a deposit of $500. This deposit will be fully applied to the student's tuition fees for the fall semester.

Q: What if I get accepted to medical school after I sign up for the master's program?

Prior to May 15, your deposit shall be returned in full if you withdraw from the program. After May 15, we will refund your deposit only if you provide us with written documentation that you have been accepted into medical school. Therefore, it is to your advantage to tell us as quickly as possible if you will not be joining the program.

Q: If accepted to UC's master's program, when do I begin school?

Orientation will be held on Wednesday, August 7, 2024. The first class (GMP I) begins that afternoon.

Q: Does the master's program provide shadowing opportunities?

Yes. We have many clinical faculty who regularly provide shadowing experiences for our MS students.

Q: When should students in the program apply to medical schools?

In general, the overall student experience is stronger and more rewarding if students wait until after they finish the program to enter the medical school admissions cycle. Students will receive guidance throughout the program on how to assemble the best application possible and prepare for interviews.  However, students are permitted to apply to medical school while still in the master's program, and students with strong credentials can consider applying before starting classes in the fall. If you do submit an AMCAS application during the summer before starting the program, we highly recommend making every effort to complete as many secondaries as possible before the program starts. Once classes begin, your workload will be substantial and writing quality secondary essays on the side will become very difficult. Secondary prompts rarely change from year to year, and can easily be found with a Google search; this lets you pre-write essays before receiving them, and even before submitting the AMCAS application itself. By the middle of the first semester (November 1), GMP I and Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine have been completed and that information can be transmitted in mid-term progress reports. It should be noted that, like most other schools, it is a UC College of Medicine policy that students in any master's program who are accepted at UC will be required to successfully complete the master's program prior to starting medical school.

Q: Can I attend this program part time?

No. The MS in physiology degree is offered only as a full-time (10 month) program.

Q: What is the Mark A Snowdon Memorial Award?

The Mark A Snowdon Memorial Award is awarded annually to one or two MS in physiology students whose academic or research achievements best exemplify the scholarly efforts of our former friend and colleague.

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