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Education / Special MS in Physiology / Curriculum / Musculoskeletal & Integumentary


Course # GNTD7072C  |  4 Credit Hours

Spring Semester  |  Syllabus (PDF)

Class Meets: Variable

Course Directors:

Andrew Thompson, PhD thomp3ar@ucmail.uc.edu513-558-7659
Timothy Foster, MDtimothy.foster@uc.edu513-558-2919
Bryan Mackenzie, PhDbryan.mackenzie@uc.edu513-558-3267

The Musculoskeletal-Integumentary Block (MSK) provides a foundation in the normal structure and physiology of the integumentary and musculoskeletal systems, as well as an introduction to clinical conditions related to these systems. Specific topics include the development of these systems and an overview of common developmental abnormalities; recognition of the structural components of skin, cartilage and bones, skeletal muscles and tendons, and joints at multiple levels of organization ranging from cells and tissues to gross anatomical structures; the physiology and biomechanics of muscles, and their actions at joints. Related topics in dermatology, genetics, imaging, microbiology and infectious disease, neurology, nutrition, oncology, orthopedic surgery, pathology, pharmacology, rheumatology, and burns and wound healing will be discussed in the context of these foundational concepts.

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