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Graduate Medical Physiology

Graduate Medical Physiology 1  |  MCP8041  |  1 Credit Hour  |  Fall Semester
Graduate Medical Physiology 2  |  MCP8042  |  5 Credit Hours  |  Spring Semester

Class Meets: Variable

Course Director: John N Lorenz, PhD  ||  Phone: 513-558-3046

Physiology is the integrative study of molecular, cellular, and organ systems and their homeostatic control mechanisms that function to maintain life. Graduate Medical Physiology is delivered as a two-semester sequence (GMP1 and GMP2). The sequence begins by exploring cellular and molecular physiology, muscle physiology, body-fluid spaces, the membrane potential and the generation of action potentials, and the biomechanics of muscle contraction. The sequence transitions to systems physiology, including cardiac and circulatory physiology, renal physiology, respiration, acid–base physiology, gastrointestinal physiology, and endocrine physiology. The course comprises lectures, small-group sessions that focus on problem-solving exercises, and online modules that present concepts of how physiology translates to modern medicine.

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