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Instructional Design and Content

The mission of Instructional Design and Content (IDAC) is to leverage technology to produce effective; learner centered instruction, whether online or face to face, for the students of UC’s College of Medicine. 

Formerly the Instructional Technology Center, we specialize in developing teaching materials that just don’t exist, yet. We can either help you find what you need, or create it for you.  

Our services include:

  • Instructional design — Teaching online for the first time?  We can work backwards from your objectives to design learner centered, active learning experiences online for your students that result in more retention of content than simply uploading PowerPoint and lecture notes to Blackboard.  Let us help you take the distance out of distance learning.
  • Learning Modules — Need more time in class for hands on activities?  We can convert lecture-based face-to-face material into engaging, interactive online learning.  Imagine online modules based on realistic patient scenarios where students make diagnoses, choose drug protocols, or order therapy with relevant feedback based on the students’ choices.  Using your existing PowerPoint slide decks and lecture, notes, we can create these kinds of rich learning experiences for your students online. 
  • Visual Narratives — Have a story to tell?  We can help you tell it with video.  Recreate clinical interactions with patients, demonstrate treatment procedures, or take your class on a virtual field trip.  Our services include assisting you with storyboarding and scripting, shooting the video, editing to your specifications, and uploading the final product to our streaming servers for you to link to on Blackboard. Add interactive elements such as quizzing, and a video becomes an engaging experience for your learners.
  • Animations — Have a complex idea that students consistently have trouble understanding?  We can create stunning 2-D and 3-D animations that let students watch how organs function, peek inside cancer cells, or follow the growth of embryos. For concepts and processes that just can’t be understood through text based materials, call us.  If you can imagine it, we can build it. 

We are located in Medical Sciences Building Rooms G005C and G005D. Contact us at 513-558-8978 or

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