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About the Center

Since 2000, the UC College of Medicine Simulation Center has supported the training of hundreds of health care professionals.  How does this happen?  That is best answered through our Mission Statement:

"We create an environment where the joy of learning is developed through the innovative use of technology, simulation and teamwork."

From the moment they walk into the Simulation Center, learners are immersed in an environment that fosters discovery and the development of the skills crucial to professional success. Learning programs designed through the collaborative efforts of faculty and Simulation Center staff incorporate key elements such as:


A variety of technology-rich resources are available to provide learners the tools they need to enhance procedural and clinical skills. Examples include Partial Task Trainers, Hi-Fidelity Hi-Fidelity Patient Simulators (SimMan) and a robust computer software system, which supports evaluation of the learner's progress.


Because the center provides a simulated environment, learners can develop new skills and refine established ones in an "educationally safe and sound environment." Learners can practice interviewing and strengthen communication and technical skills in a supportive manner, which enhances their competence and confidence.


Programs designed for learners in the Simulation Center emphasize teamwork and inter-professional skills to optimize patient outcomes. This is critical since the delivery of health care and so many other services takes place in an integrated and inter-professional environment.
In addition to the simulation resources available, the UC College of Medicine has a highly dedicated and talented staff. Each member of the Simulation Center team brings a unique set of skills to turn your ideas into a successful education through simulation program.

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