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Supervision and Evaluation

Responsibility is given gradually as the fellow exhibits clinical and technical skills as well as judgment commensurate with such responsibility. Fellows are assigned a reasonable amount of in-hospital duty hours.

On-call responsibilities are rotated weekly and include 24-hour coverage (beeper call from home) for emergency cases.

The responsibility or independence given to trainees is dependent on the trainee’s level of knowledge, manual skills and experience; however, in accordance with HCFA recommendations, faculty coverage is present during all invasive procedures.

Imaging readout, interpretation, dictation, and procedure performance, interpretation and reporting will be supervised by attending staff.

Evaluation of the fellow will be performed quarterly by faculty members by means of a standardized evaluation form. Fellows will meet quarterly with the Program Director to review a composite of faculty evaluations and to discuss their progress to date.

At the end of the training program, the fellow will have the opportunity to evaluate the faculty as well as the overall effectiveness of the program in achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Lily Wang, MBBS

Program Director

513-558-7137, Fax

Mariana Gonzalez

Program Coordinator

Phone 513-558-6089
Fax 513-558-7137

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