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Neurotrauma Lab

The Department of Neurosurgery Neurotrauma Laboratory is the laboratory of Dr. Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD. The Neurotrauma Laboratory is affiliated with the UCGNI Neurotrauma Center, as well as the Collaborative for Research on Acute Neurological Injuries (CRANI). Traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects over 2.8 million people in the US annually. However, despite the widespread societal and economic impact, there are no effective treatments for traumatic brain injury. Especially devastating are the cognitive deficits that occur after TBI. The Neurotrauma Laboratory is a basic and translational laboratory that focuses on the mechanisms that underlie poor recovery after TBI. Using an experimental model of TBI, we examine acute and subacute cognitive deficits, and explore underlying mechanisms for potential treatments. We employ cognitive / behavioral testing, histology and immunohistochemistry, stereological quantification, electrophysiology, and molecular techniques. The current direction of our NIH funded laboratory is exploring the interplay between spreading depolarizations, adult neurogenesis, and TBI. We have many collaborators throughout UC and CCHMC, including Dr. Jennifer McGuire (Instructor, Dept. of Neurosurgery), Dr. Jed Hartings (Professor, Dept. of Neurosurgery), and Dr. Steve Danzer (Professor, Dept. of Anesthesia, CCHMC). Our lab’s ultimate goal is to discover the mechanisms that underlie poor recovery after TBI, such that we can design targeted therapies to improve patient outcomes.

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