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UC Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Core supports a Beckman CytoFLEX S with 9 detectors and 4 lasers in CARE 2874 and a FACSCalibur 4 color flow cytometer system in CARE 2876.  Access is available 24 hrs a day and 7 days per week once investigators are registered in Stratocore and approved by the core director.

To book equipment and/or access services from the Flow Core, please login or create an account in Stratocore at

For access to the instruments and the online calendar, please contact Dr. Miller.

Grant Information

A general NIH description of facilities and equipment for this core may be accessed with this link - UC Flow Cytometry Core NIH Summary May 2024; however, it is highly recommended that you discuss your specific core needs with the core director or manager while preparing the grant application since they can likely provide tailored information regarding their capabilities to enhance your application.

CytoFLEX S System Access (4 laser, 9 color)
$20 per half hour
FACSCalibur System access (2 Laser, 4 color)
$20 per half hour
FACSCalibur Four Color Flow Cytometer

The FACSCalibur is configured as follows:

  • FL1 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 515-545nm Emission Filter (FITC, GFP, etc.)
  • FL2 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 564-601nm Emission Filter (PE, PI, RFP, etc.)
  • FL3 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 670LP Emission Filter (7-AAD, PerCP, etc)
  • FL4 Channel - Red Laser (635nm) and 653-669nm Emission Filter (APC, Cy5, etc.)
It is running the BS CellQuest Pro Software.

Beckman CytoFLEX S V2-B2-Y3-R2 Flow Cytometer (9 Detectors, 4 Lasers)

Here are the channels currently configured (in bold) the ones in italics can be utilized by repositioning the filters, which is relatively easy to do.
CytoFLEX (4 laser, 9 color)
Violet Laser (405nm)                               Emmision Filter
PB450 (PacBlue, eFluor450)                           450/45
KO525 (Krome Orange, Zombie Aqua)           525/40
BV605                                                              610/20
BV650                                                              660/20
BV786                                                              780/60
Blue Laser (488nm)
FITC (GFP, Alexa488, Venus)                           525/40
PerCP (PC5, PC5.5)                                         690/50
Yellow/Green Laser (561nm)
PE (PI, Sytox Orange, DsRed, TdTomato)       585/42
ECD (mCherry, Texas Red)                              610/20
PC7                                                                   780/60
PC5                                                                   690/50
Red Laser (638nm)
APC (AlexaFluor 647, eFluor660)                    660/10
APC-A750 (APC-Cy7, APC eFluor780             780/60
APC-A700 (AlexaFluor 700)      


CARE 2874-2876
213 Albert Sabin Way

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