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Leukemia and Drug Development Laboratory

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Research Activity

Leukemia and Drug Development Laboratory (LDDL) is dedicated to creating and advancing cutting-edge technology to advance treatments for patients with blood cancers.

Mission Statement

At the University of Cincinnati – The LDDL strives to advance a collaborative, cutting-edge research portfolio that meaningfully impacts patient lives.

We aim to deliver comprehensive cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment by identifying the unique genetic and molecular signatures of each patient. Our team is comprised of talented scientists from diverse backgrounds who seek to push cutting-edge research. We focus on respect and shared knowledge to achieve translational outcomes. We strive to instill hope through a robust scientific approach that is focused on developing therapies that directly impact patient’s lives.

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University of Cincinnati

Leukemia and Drug Development Lab

7871 CARE/Crawley

3230 Eden Avenue

Cincinnati OH 45267-0551