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  • To train next-generation family medicine physician leaders who can adapt to a dynamic healthcare landscape and provide comprehensive, high-quality, equitable care for and with the diverse communities they serve.


  • To train family medicine residents in full spectrum family medicine such that they are prepared to offer a wide scope of care in a broad range of future practice settings. 

  • To inculcate family medicine residents in the methods of evidence-based practice and lifelong learning in order to provide high quality, value-based patient care.  

  • To instill equity as a core value of care in order to prepare family medicine residents to contribute to the health of individuals and communities through authentic relationships and cultural humility.


  • Program wellness: Support the wellbeing of residents, faculty, staff and their families, through collaborative relationships with our Department of Family and Community Medicine, UC College of Medicine, UC Health and West Chester Hospital.  

  • Education: Train residents for clinical excellence and full-spectrum family medicine in an academically rigorous environment committed to providing high-quality health education for residents, faculty, medical students and patients. 

  • Care for the vulnerable: Model dedication to addressing health inequities and social determinants of health in underserved, disadvantaged, minoritized and marginalized communities throughout one’s career.  

  • High-value, continuous care: Demonstrate the provision of high-value, high-quality, comprehensive, compassionate care for individuals, families and communities, throughout the life span and across practice locations.  

  • Adaptability: Build skills that allow for dynamic responses in the changing landscape of healthcare and public health.   

  • Community: Share mutual responsibility with the communities we serve to advance healthcare through partnership and advocacy.  

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Commit to promoting diversity and inclusion through transparent and intentional anti-oppression goals within the Department of Family and Community Medicine, including recruitment, training, support, and promotion of diverse residents, faculty and staff.  

  • Leadership: Train and mentor residents to become leaders in the field of family medicine at local, state, regional, national and international levels. 

  • Scholarship: Advance the discipline of family medicine through quality improvement, research, publications and programming. 

Year 1 (PGY-1)

Introduction to Family Medicine - 4 weeks

Adult Inpatient Medicine - 12 weeks

Newborn Nursery - 4 weeks

ICU - 4 weeks

OBGYN - 8 weeks

Inpatient Pediatrics - 8 weeks

Outpatient Pediatrics - 4 weeks

Community Med (Planned Parenthood) - 4 weeks

Geriatrics - 4 weeks

Family Med Continuity Clinic - 48 weeks

Year 2 (PGY-2)

Adult Inpatient Medicine - 12 weeks

Family Medicine Practice - 4 weeks

Surgery - 4 weeks

Adult Emergency Medicine - 4 weeks

OBGYN- 4 weeks

Electives - 12 weeks

Community Med (School-based) - 4 weeks

Orthopedics - 4 weeks

Pediatric Emergency Medicine - 4 weeks

Family Med Continuity Clinic - 48 weeks

Year 3 (PGY-3)

Adult Inpatient Medicine - 8 weeks

Family Medicine Practice - 8 weeks

Urology & ENT - 4 weeks

Dermatology & Procedure Clinic - 4 weeks

Gynecology - 4 weeks

Electives - 12 weeks

Sports Medicine - 4 weeks

Specialty Pediatrics - 4 weeks

Community Med (Health Dept) - 4 weeks

Family Med Continuity Clinic - 48 weeks

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