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MD-MPH Dual Degree Program

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati MD-MPH Dual Degree Program.  We prepare graduates to work as physicians in a public health setting, combining a degree in clinical care with a degree in approaching health and illness at the population level. Graduates have the skills and knowledge needed to identify and research public health issues, implement evidence-based solutions, and to engage in population health research, policymaking, education, and communication.

Why should I consider an MD-MPH?

Physicians with the MD-MPH credential work in clinical research, designing and carrying out studies; as directors of state and local departments of public health (such as Dr. Amy Acton, MD, MPH); as authors of health policy and advisors to policymakers; as hospital and departmental administrators; and as leaders in the creation and development of global health programs worldwide, among many other career paths.

Public health training prepares MD-MPH students to:

  • Effectively serve diverse populations, on the front line of issues of healthcare inequality
  • Address emerging and novel public health challenges
  • Work with policymakers, administrators, clinicians, and others in a team
  • Use their clinical expertise to support advocacy work
  • Independently design, analyze, and author research

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MD-MPH Dual Program Degree

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Whitney Bryant

Whitney Bryant, MD, MPH, Med, CTropMed

MD-MPH Program Director
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Bryant is a faculty member at the University of Cincinnati in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Environmental & Public Health Sciences. She completed her MPH and MD at Columbia, her Emergency Medicine residency at NYU-Bellevue Hospital, and her Master's in Medical Education at Cincinnati Children's. Her MPH area was the history of public health, especially of the history of colonial medicine and infectious disease in sub-Saharan Africa. She co-directs the Emergency Medicine departmental Section on Global Health and works in Central and South America on residency education and development. 

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