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Erica Alcibiade, DO

CA-3       Erica Alcibiade, DO       Chief Resident

Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Saint Vincent College, Biology, BS
Hometown: Ford City, PA

Hobbies:  Love to travel, hike, kayak, explore new places, dance, concerts, spend time with friends.  Oh, and ice cream and coffee are essential to my survival.

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
When I initially went into medicine, I thought I'd be interested in a more traditional office based practice, but quickly learned how much I dreaded clinic work. I also quickly realized how much I enjoyed procedural tasks, seeing changes immediately take effect and feeling as though I was accomplishing something- which helped narrow down my options.  When starting med school, I never thought anesthesia was something that I would be interested in, but decided to give it a try since it seemed to combine a number of my interests. During that rotation, I was lucky to work with an amazing anesthesiologist who allowed me to get a lot of hands on practice with intubation, nerve blocks and time in the OR-  a true experience of life in anesthesia world. I was easily sold. Every day in the OR, each nerve block, and each line I place reminds me that anesthesia was the best career path for me. 

Why you chose Cincinnati: 
On my interview day, everything here just seemed so natural. I got along with the residents and faculty extremely well.  Some of the conversations I had with people I just met felt as those we had been friends for years.  Despite having a 4 hour drive back home after my interview dinner, I was one of the last people hanging out with the residents at the restaurant that night.  It sounds kind of silly, but it just felt like the right place to be, and now I've met some of my best friends here.  Furthermore, the clinical experience we get at UC is top of the line.  They don't hold back on giving us big cases right from the very beginning- you'll be doing liver transplants, AAA's, traumas and cardiac cases as a CA1.  I've never been a giant city kind of person, so I knew I wanted to move to a mid-sized city, where I would be exposed to a great clinical experience, and Cincinnati definitely fit that description.  Since moving here, Cincinnati (as a city) has grown on me and there's a lot of cool stuff to do and see, both in/around the city, or within a short drive.  

Carl Christenson, MD

CA-3       Carl Christenson, MD        Chief Resident

Medical School: Indiana University
Undergrad School: University of Northwester, St. Paul Music BA, clarinet emphasis; Biology BS.  Also ran track for University of Northwestern, St. Paul
Hometown: Grew up in Kokomo, IN until Junior year of High school then moved to MN for the remainder of High school and college.

Hobbies:  Enjoying time with my wife, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, running marathons/half-marathons, art, cake baking/decorating, music (playing/performing/listening), walking with my dog, hiking in National Parks, yoga, anything outdoors, and spending time with my large and loud immediate family.

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I am continually on the move. I don’t like having down-time. Anesthesia constantly keeps you on your toes and in motion: from participating in the birth of a child to putting in central lines in a trauma patient. We have procedural abilities and opportunities and see nearly every type of surgery and procedure. We are not confined to a singular focus, but as an anesthesiologist we have to be able to be perioperative consultants, intensivists, cardiac specialists, and acute/chronic pain physicians. We get to interact with patients of all ages and make a meaningful difference in their care and outcomes. I love the OR and fit well with the personalities typically represented in anesthesia. Also, I think we can all admit that rounding for eternity and writing full H&Ps is just painful if done day in and day out and, as a plus, we don’t typically get harangued on for our knot tying abilities or lack thereof.   

Why you chose Cincinnati: 
After interviewing here, this program set the standard for me as a program dedicated to excellence, where I would receive incredible clinical experience and instruction. The culture of UC was a perfect fit. It was immediately clear during our interview dinner that the residents enjoyed each other, supported each other and had fun while working. Being here is just awesome. I love being a part of this program and am proud to be a UC Anesthesiology resident. 

Christopher Cowens, DO

CA-3       Christopher Cowens, DO

Medical School: A.T. Still University SOMA
Undergrad School: Xavier University - Bioloby/Chemistry BA
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Hobbies:  Swimming, soccer, basketball, fishing, kayaking

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
Anesthesia was a career that I had been interested in since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I had broken my finger which needed to be surgically repaired and  I still remember my interaction with the Anesthesiologist at the time. At the end of the surgery, all I could remember was how cool of a guy my anesthesiologist was! During my time in college, I had the opportunity to get a job as a medical scribe in a local Emergency Department where I met an Anesthesiologist who was doing a blood patch. I walked over to him while he was writing his note, mentioned that I was very interested in learning more about anesthesia and possibly pursuing a career in the field. He let me shadow and I was hooked! I tried to go into medical school with an open mind, but throughout my rotations I never had the same level of interest as I did while shadowing the anesthesiologist in college. So, I scheduled 3 away rotations in anesthesia and ultimately matched here in Cincinnati.

Why you chose Cincinnati: 
I chose to come to Cincinnati for a couple reasons. The first reason was both my wife and I are from suburbs of Cincinnati and we wanted to be home. But, the more important thing to me was how the residents interacted with one another. When I rotated here as a medical student, I noticed how tight-knit the residents seemed.

Here is why I would choose this residency again:  Now that I've been a resident here for over 2 years, I still feel the sense of family between our resident classes. We all want to see each other succeed and we're always willing to help however we can to make sure that happens. Ultimately, I think what makes this program special is the other residents I get to work with every day.

Thomas Neyer, MD

CA-3      Thomas Neyer, MD

Medical School: University of Louisville
Undergrad School: Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana  - Nursing, BS
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Hobbies:  Playing guitar, golf, boating 

What do you like about the training Program?
The program directors have done a great job of intentionally designing our curriculum to optimize our training experience. I really believe that the clinical strength of our program is world-class. As CA-1s, residents are introduced to large, complex cases early and often. As a result, I think that the clinical skills of our residents are unmatched. My favorite thing about our program is the collegiality among my co-residents as well as with the faculty. UC Anesthesiology really has a great team atmosphere.

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
Cincinnati is a great place to live. It has all the amenities of any large city: music, arts, professional and college sports, a top-notch food scene, great breweries, great parks, etc. Cincinnati is also a very livable city with many unique neighborhoods, reasonable commutes, and a good cost of living. Cincinnati is the ideal place to raise a family. 

Luke Olson, DO

CA-3      Chief Resident   Luke Olson, DO

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Penn State University - Biobehavioral Health, BS
Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

Hobbies:  Steelers/Penn State football, golf, cooking, archery hunting, fishing 

What do you like about the training program?
I love the structure of our program. We have a well-rounded intern year with exposure and integration within the anesthesia department on several rotations. We begin doing complex cases early in our CA-1 year, which is unique to our program and a huge asset. The best part of our program, however, is the collegiality of our residency program and department as a whole. We have a lot of fun both in the operating room and outside of work.

Why you chose Cincinnati?
Cincinnati has everything a big city has to offer with a small town feel. There are many different areas and neighborhoods in the city that each have their own identity and culture. The city has a great food scene as well as tons of breweries!

Mary Roberts, MD

CA-3       Mary Roberts, MD

Medical School: Indiana University
Undergrad School: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology - Biomedical Engineering, BS.
Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH

Hobbies:  Sewing, needlework, kayaking, taking care of my dog

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I chose anesthesia because it plays on my critical and creative thinking drawing from my engineering background, and I enjoy the operating room environment. When I’m not working I spend my time adoring my beaglier puppy and sewing scrub caps! I also have been working on arranging volunteer opportunities for our residency program!

Why you chose Cincinnati?
As a Cincinnati native, I am very happy to be doing my residency at UC! After completing my medical school training at Indiana University, I chose to return to Cincinnati both because of my love for the city and because of the program itself. I enjoy the tight-knit community in our residency program and friendly atmosphere. I also appreciate the complexity of cases we are involved in. Around Cincinnati, I love taking my dog, Moxie, to the Great American Ballpark to watch the Reds! Moxie and I also love kayaking and walking along the many nature trails around the city. If you are a foodie like me, you definitely need to come visit Jungle Jim's which has the biggest selection of cheeses and a large international food market!

Pinkey Shah-Siegel, DO

CA-3       Pinkey Shah-Siegel, DO

Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Graduate School: Boston University - M.M.S
Undergrad School: Boston University - Human Physiology, BA
Hometown:  Boston, MA 

Hobbies:  Spending time with my husband, daughter and cats, playing in the snow, cooking, baking, and cheering on New England sports teams

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I chose anesthesia because I love hands on procedures and instant gratification. During medical school, my anesthesia rotation was the only rotation that had me excited to wake up at 5AM

Why you chose Cincinnati?
UC checked off a lot of boxes for me while on the interview trail: opportunities for fellowship (especially pediatric anesthesia), moderately sized program, supportive cohort of residents, and location in a city where I could see myself and my husband settling down and raising a family. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and fun Cincinnati and it's surrounding areas are! From great restaurants to amazing parks and bike trails, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy our free time away from work

Chelsey Thomas, MD

CA-3       Chelsey Thomas, MD

Medical School:  Indiana University
Undergrad School: Loyola University Chicago - Biology, BS
Hometown:  Kendallville, Indiana

Hobbies:  My husband and I raise chickens, ducks, a mini pig, bees, a golden retriever, and some cats! When I'm not taking care of 4 legged friends I like to hike, travel, and eat. 

Why I Chose Anesthesia:
The anesthesiologists and residents that I came into contact with were the most knowledgeable, well-prepared, and well-rounded physicians in the hospital. They were able to help people in a way that other physicians were unable to and respond to emergencies with calm and skill. I had never considered anesthesia, but once I saw how anesthesiologists functioned in and out of the OR, I knew that was exactly the kind of physician I wanted to be.

Why I Chose Cincinnati:

I tell every applicant to pay attention to how the residents interact with each other-- it was evident at UC that the relationships between the residents and the staff were good. I personally was also looking for a smaller program where I was able to build closer relationships with my attendings and co-residents, which is definitely a reality at UC. I also felt like I was able to get the most well-rounded and clinically-strong training at UC. I feel confident that I will be ready for complicated patients and cases when I start my career due to the array of complex patients and cases that I am exposed to daily at UC. Not to mention that my husband and I have grown to love Cincinnati-- its such a great little city! 


Michael Adams, MD

CA-2       Michael Adams, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad School: Wright State University - Biology, BS
Hometown: Eaton, OH

Hobbies:  Cooking, baking, movies, running, weightlifting, pour over coffee

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I initially thought of doing family medicine when I entered medical school. Whenever I rotated through, it was frustrating to wait weeks or months to see the effects of changes you had made in the office. Upon rotating through anesthesia, I was shocked to see effects in real time. I gravitated towards the instant feedback and being able to work with my hands to manipulate physiology. 

Why you chose Cincinnati?
I chose UC for residency for the clinical experience, the wonderful location, and the people in the program. We are able to do big cases early on in residency and have plenty of traumas and transplants. The location is wonderful and the city is just big enough to have a lot to do but small enough to not worry about traffic or high cost of living. Ultimately, the people in the department have made this residency great. Attendings care about our education and residents are down to earth and great people to be on call with at 2am. 

Sajen Alexander

CA-2       Sajen Alexander, DO

Medical School: Ohio University
Undergrad School: Franciscan University of Steubenville - Theology and Philosophy, BA

Hobbies:  Being a husband and Father, Olympic weightlifting: steadfast Barbell 89kg Athlete: August 2015- Present, sourdough breadmaking 

James Heusner, MD

CA-2       James Heusner, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad School: University of Washington -Physiology, BS
Hometown:  Spokane, WA

Hobbies:  Playing with my dogs, working out, home improvement projects

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I never really wanted to go into the "family business" and become an Anesthesiologist like my dad, but every fork in the road reaffirmed that it was the right path for me. I couldn't be happier with my choice!

Why you chose Cincinnati?
My wife told me when I got accepted to medical school at UC that she refused to become an "Ohioan." We soon realized that Cincinnati offers everything we wanted in a city at a lower price tag. When coupled with world class training, close-knit residents, and individualized learning opportunities facilitated by smaller class sizes, our decision to stay was an obvious one. 


Hilary Hoffman, DO

CA-2       Hilary Hoffman, MD

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: University of Maryland - Bioengineering, BS
Hometown:  Baltimore, Maryland

Hobbies:  Putting on my hiking boots and hitting the trail! Exploring the national parks, travel near and far, riding my bike, horseback riding, water color painting, attempting new creations in the kitchen 

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I am originally from the east coast! I have a degree in bioengineering but always knew from a young age that I wanted to be a doctor. I took 2 years off before medical school to do research in the Washington, DC area. I had a hard time choosing a specialty in medical school because I always seemed to like everything. Once I discovered anesthesia it felt like the perfect fit because it gave me the best of it all! There is so much variety in anesthesia from patient pathology to age and complexity. I enjoy thinking through the physiology and the hands on procedural experience. I am excited to develop my interests throughout residency and am eager to further explore pediatric anesthesia and critical care.

Why you chose Cincinnati?
I felt I would get a well rounded training at this program. I was impressed to hear that as a CA-1 I would get to participate in complex cases such as liver transplants and have early exposure to cardiac anesthesia. I am also very interested in pediatric anesthesia so was excited to be able to train at one of the nations top pediatric hospitals at Cincinnati Children's. The program has a supportive culture and I couldn't ask for better co-residents! 


Patrick Penland, DO

CA-2       Patrick Penland, DO

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Carolinas Campus
Graduate School: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences -  Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Undergrad School: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs - Biology, BS
Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO/Greenville, SC

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I am a husband and father of 4 amazing children.  I was formerly a physician assistant in both emergency medicine and internal medicine. I chose anesthesia because it was the perfect mix of emergency medicine, internal medicine, critical care and surgical medicine. I love the fact that anesthesiologists are involved in complex surgical cases. 

Why you chose Cincinnati?
I chose Cincinnati because it is a family friendly city with a lot of great things to see and do. The program won me over with the faculty I met during the interview. 


Yousef Raslan, DO

CA-2       Yousef Raslan, DO

Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Case Western Reserve University- Chemical Biology, BA
Hometown:  Cleveland, OH

Why you chose Cincinnati?
When I interviewed at UC for residency, I knew that it had the main qualities that we say we are looking for on the interview trail that we think we know that we want; trauma, transplant, high acuity cardiac cases, fellowships in basically everything, etc.  What I didn’t expect when I interviewed here was an instant feeling that “I can really see myself thriving in this city and this program”. Coming from Northeast Ohio, the city of Cincinnati itself has a ton of similar qualities to Cleveland; a unique restaurant scene, beautiful and accessible city views and parks, a sports town attitude, manageable traffic, and a friendly neighborhood culture. But what truly sold me and is the reason that I ranked UC so highly is the “learn-by-doing” mindset that was portrayed to me during my interview and second look. Yes, we have didactics, lectures, readings, and high expectations in regards to our formal studies, but right from the get-go of CA-1 year we are thrown into big cases like transplants, high acuity trauma, major spine cases, etc. Giving us keys to the driver seat so early on showed me that there is a level of patience and accountability instilled by the faculty in the residents, and this was a quality that I was looking for in a residency program.


Lena Yu, MD

CA-2       Lena Yu, MD

Medical School: Indiana University
Undergrad School: Indiana University - Chemistry, BA
Hometown: Rochester, IN

Hobbies: Reading, baking, biking, traveling

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I chose anesthesia because of the combination of critical thinking and procedural skills that it entails. I also wanted a career I knew I wouldn't get bored with and could see myself doing for 40+ years.

Why you chose Cincinnati:
The culture of the place and the camaraderie between the residents.


Aderinola Adejare-Smith, MD

CA-1       Aderinola Adejare-Smith, MD

Medical School: Ohio State University
Undergrad School: University of Pennsylvania

Hobbies: Blogging, outdoor running, dancing

Why you chose Cincinnati:
Choosing Cincinnati as my top program was an easy choice for me. I did an away rotation with UC Anesthesiology during my 4th year and absolutely loved it. It's an excellent program. In addition to that, the camaraderie among the residents and faculty was evident. Everyone was welcoming and friendly both on my visiting rotation and my interview day, it felt like the perfect fit for me. I loved that the class size isn't too large - you get a chance to really know your co-residents and form close bonds. Cincinnati as a city, has a lot of fun things to do, including festivals throughout the year. It also has a great restaurant scene, a diverse population, and if you're into hiking, a large of amount of nature trails and parks. I try to take advantage of all the city has to offer on my days off!


David Botschner, MD

CA-1       David Botschner, MD

Medical School: University of Toledo
Undergrad School: Vanderbilt University - Neuroscience, BA
Hometown:  North Canton, OH

Hobbies: Collecting Vinyl Records, Writing Music Album Reviews, Baseball, Golfing, Bowling, Snowboarding, Woodworking

Why you chose Cincinnati:
The anesthesiology residency program is unique in that it has a small to medium class size located at a large volume medical center. When looking at programs, I felt like Cincinnati would provide a large variety of cases that are easily accessible. I wanted to leave residency training feeling confident that I knew how to manage a breadth of cases and that I could handle anything that was given to me. I also felt like I would receive a more personal, one on one education in this program. Cincinnati has always been my favorite city in Ohio as well. I have family here that I would try to visit as much as possible. I am a huge baseball and Cincinnati Reds fan, so being in Cincinnati is great because it allows me to go to more games!


Cameron Harmon

CA-1       Cameron Harmon, MD

Medical School: West Virginia University 
Undergrad School: West Virginia University - Pre-Pharmacy & Pharmacy, D.Pharm

Hobbies: Avid hiker-recently completed Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Arches, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. Enjoys building gaming computers and playing/streaming video games. Strong interest in cooking various cultural cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Indian and Vietnamese. Favorite form of exercise is playing tennis.


Sean Huynh, DO
CA-1       Sean Huynh, DO

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Mathematics, BS, Chemistry, BA
Hometown: Annandale, VA

Hobbies:  Triathlons, cycling, video games, baking

Why did you choose anesthesiology?
There’s a sense of accomplishment in anesthesia that I think is unique compared to other specialties. Anesthesia is a task-oriented field with clear goals but the number of tools at your disposal allows so many different ways to get the job done. You get to utilize a wide variety of procedural skills and a strong background in physiology/pharmacology to relieve pain, support vital functions, and allow procedures that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without anesthesia. Patients are quite literally leaving their lives in your hands and it’s a great privilege to be entrusted with their well-being on our side of the curtain.

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
The most important factor for me when choosing a residency program was a strong sense of camaraderie in both our work and social lives. During my interview in Cincinnati it was clear that a smaller class size really allowed everyone to get to know one-another in ways that reinforced strong working relationships within and across residency classes. As an intern, I also get to hear about the strong positive impressions previous classes have made on attendings and residents in other departments. I think this speaks volumes about the type of people who come to this program.


Margaret Jones, MD

CA-1       Margaret Jones, MD

edical School: Ohio State University
Undergrad School: West Virginia University - Biology, BA
Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Hobbies: Sports, astrophotography, civil war re-enactments, beekeeping, pro wrestling

Why I chose Cincinnati:

Graeter’s ice cream, Jungle Jim’s, Fiona the hippo, being able to say “let me just squeeeeze past ya” whenever I want to without any judgement, the stellar records of our pro sports organizations, big city experiences with a Midwestern attitude, and most importantly, the people.

Tom Lowe, DO

CA-1       Tom Lowe, DO

Medical School: Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Brigham young University - Exercise Science, BS
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Hobbies: Road Biking, skiing, hiking, baking

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
I chose Cincinnati because of the residents, the training, and the city. My undergraduate and medical education institutions were big universities with large class sizes where it was easy to get lost in the crowd. I wanted my residency training to offer a more intimate experience. I also have two daughters, so I looked for a program that was both family-friendly and that felt like family. UC Anesthesia was the best fit. The residents have created a culture of collegiality and mutual support. Everyone is willing to help one another immediately if someone needs it. UC has a collaborative atmosphere where residents want to help each other to excel. The smaller class size makes for a tight-knit program where everyone knows each other, and faculty get to know and trust the residents well. UC is the region’s leading academic institution and Level 1 trauma center, so residents are exposed to a large variety of complex cases. The program also offers very competitive compensation for moonlighting opportunities. Cincinnati is also an awesome place to live with great local food, teams from nearly every major sports league, and numerous parks and bike paths. It has all the attractions of a major city but has low cost of living and no big city headaches like traffic. I’m very happy I joined the UC Anesthesia Residency family.

Moore, Nathaneal
CA-1       Nathanael Moore, MD

Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine
Undergrad School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Hobbies: Running, cooking, cheesemaking, programming

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
Cincinnati is an amazing city; about half of my paycheck goes to Jungle Jim's every month and I love visiting the dozens of parks & trails in the Cincinnati area. As a tertiary care center with a very broad catchment area, UC provides an amazing opportunity to learn how to care for patients experiencing high acuity conditions and to gain exposure to a wide breadth of pathologies. The anesthesia program also is filled with an amazing cohort of faculty and co-residents who are both incredibly knowledgeable & approachable, creating a fantastic environment for learning anesthesia (and a great group of friends to hang out with in Cincinnati).

Connor Smith, MD
CA-1       Connor Smith, MD

Medical School: University of Louisville
Undergrad School: University of Louisville - Economics & Political Science, BA
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Hobbies: Spending time outdoors with my wife and two dogs, exploring new restaurants and breweries, working out, and travelling internationally.

Why did you choose Anesthesia?
I began shadowing an Anesthesiologist during my first year of medical school, and I knew that I would ultimately pursue a career in Anesthesiology after my very first day of shadowing. I greatly enjoyed utilizing the combination of critical care medicine and quick procedures to help provide a safe anesthetic in the operating room to facilitate surgery. I can’t wait to begin PGY2 so that I can finally be in the operating room each day learning and practicing the fundamentals of Anesthesiology.

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
I chose Cincinnati because I wanted to be part of a small, close-knit academic program that places an emphasis on personal growth each and every day. When I interviewed at Cincinnati, I saw that the residents knew each other very well, and it was apparent that they also had strong personal relationships with the attending physicians. I’m grateful that I have been afforded the opportunity to train at a place where I am not just another face in the crowd.

Matthew Ziehm, DO
CA-1       Matthew Ziehm, DO

Medical School: Kansas City University
Undergrad School: Missouri State University - Criminology
Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Hobbies: Golf, snowboarding, mountain biking, weight lifting, running

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
I chose University of Cincinnati for residency because of the exposure to a large number of complex cases and a small class size. Cincinnati is a great city with plenty to do with a low cost of living. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife Lauren and our dog Nellie, playing golf, mountain biking, and visiting the many breweries of Cincinnati."

Agyeman-Dauh Mitchell
PGY-1      Mitchell Agyeman-Duah, MD

Medical School: Central Michigan College of Medicine
Undergrad School: Brock University, B.S.
Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada

Travelling, Spending time with family, Working out, Binge-Watching shows and movies, watching the NBA, drawing, trying different foods and restaurants

Why did you choose anesthesia?
Anesthesiology clearly fit the type of doctor I wanted to be and the type of person I am. Their intrinsic attention to detail and calmness and focus during emergent situations really stood out to me. Also, the immediate effect you see after your management and the focus on physiology was something I loved about this specialty. Finally, their critical analysis and empowering leadership inside and outside the OR were also key in why I chose Anesthesia. Also, everyone anesthesiologist I met was very happy and loved their life and what they do so it was a very easy decision for me. 

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
All aspects of the program were great, including the supportive relationship between the faculty and residents, and their comprehensive clinical training. I had very friendly interactions with various faculty and residents during and after my interview, and everyone appeared very positive and happy. I liked how the program’s tight-knit feel would allow me to have a tailored residency experience and I felt like I wouldn’t lack in any aspect of anesthesia training at UC. Also, I love travelling and exploring new places and Cincinnati has a lot of diverse and exciting things to offer.

DePietro Christopher with UC lab  coat
PGY-1     Christopher DePietro, DO

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad School: Ohio State University.
Hometown: Lancaster, OH

Swimming, golfing, craft beer

Why did you choose anesthesia?
Anesthesiology has the perfect blend in a specialty. It requires a strong medical background in nearly every specialty, and offers a wide variety of procedures. Another huge draw is the idea that no two patients are completely alike when it comes to their anatomy and physiology, and I enjoy the challenge of creating and delivering on an anesthetic plan that is catered to each individual patient.

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
One thing that really stands out is the size of the program. A smaller sized program with eight to ten residents per class not only allows you to get to know your co-residents well early on, but you get the chance to develop strong relationships with your directors and faculty starting PGY1 year. This will be extremely helpful later on when applying for fellowship and/or jobs after graduation. Aside from that, Cincinnati is great city to live in. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, Cincinnati has something to offer for you!

Latremouille John
PGY-1       John Latremouille, MD

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergrad School: University of Georgia - Chemistry, BS
Hometown: Columbus Grove, OH

Disc Golf, Soccer, Home Brewing, Playing Mandolin, Chess.

Why did you choose anesthesia?
I enjoy the fast pace environment, combination of multiple fields of medicine, and working in the OR.

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
Living in the south my whole life, I wanted to experience another part of the country for residency. What initially made UC stand out to me was the medium class size, the large amount of case numbers, the number of fellowships offered at UC, and the diversity in experience and training in the faculty. When I visited the UC anesthesia program last year, what additionally stuck with me and made me choose this program included the overall camaraderie between the attendings and residents as well as the beneficial relationships with the CRNAs. I enjoyed my virtual interview with the program as well which left me with a great feeling about UC and its leadership. Cincinnati itself is a great Midwest city that is medium in size that has anything you could want from a larger city without the traffic or increased cost of living. I love the city for its unique neighborhoods and various architecture as well as the numerous breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout the area.

Russell Melanie
PGY-1       Melanie Russell, MD

Medical School: Ohio State University College of Medicine
Undergrad School: Ohio State University, B.S.

 Hiking, Cycling, Traveling, Spending time with family and friends 

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
Going into the first virtual interview cycle, there was a lot of anticipation about how we as applicants would get an authentic experience and feel for programs. Albeit virtually, my entire interview day was fantastic. The best way to describe it is .....“Cincinnati just felt right”! I logged off my interview very excited at the potential to join the department as I was confident that the potential for growth and educational opportunities were limitless. 

Schroeder Connor
PGY-1       Connor Schroeder, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad School: University of Cincinnati
Hometown: Columbus Grove, OH

Car repair, agriculture, snowboarding

Why did you choose anesthesia?
I love taking an action and immediately seeing the impact of said action. It is also a specialty were most of your day is directly caring for patients and that was really appealing to me.

Simpson Ethan
PGY-1      Ethan Simpson, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad School: Cedarville University - Nursing BSN
Hometown: Circle Pine, MN

Hobbies: Hiking, boating, hanging out with our child

Why did you choose Cincinnati?
My wife and I lived in Cincinnati for a few years prior to starting residency as I completed medical school and my wife finished residency training at Cincinnati Children's. We immediately fell in love with this city. The people who work here are amazing, and my rotations during medical school proved to me this is the kind of environment I wanted to become an excellent physician. My wife and I recently had a little girl, and we are excited for her to grow up in a great city filled with wonderful people.

Tran Charles
PGY-1       Charles Tran, DO

Medical School: Kansas City University
Undergrad School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Seton Hill Campus
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies: Skipping leg day, walking with nature, surrounding myself with stranger in foreign lands, pressing buttons to make pixels fight on the computer screen, watching men throw balls back and forth, paying for food I should be able to cook, making $$$

Why did you choose anesthesia?
The 3 P's: procedures, personalities, and pharmacology really drew me to anesthesia. Anesthesia is one of the few specialties that has a myriad of procedures. I am most satisfied and happy when I am able to contribute something tangible to my patients. Every specialty has a personality that it attracts and I find myself drawn to the personalities of people working in anesthesia. Lastly, I enjoy being able to practice medicine and apply pharmacological treatments in real-time with immediate results.

Why did you choose Cincinnati? 
UC was my first choice going into the match because it was the only program that had a perfect balance of three of the things most applicants should look for in their programs. First, UC has a reputation for not only attracting brilliant faculty and residents, but also the most caring, nurturing, and supportive. Dr. Wojo (our PD) reiterated in many open houses and interviews that UC's greatest strength is the people that it recruits. Second, I believe UC offers an established yet evolving curriculum and complex patient cases that would allow residents to finish the program feeling confident in managing any patient's anesthetic care. Lastly, growing up in Los Angeles, CA and going to medical school in a Greensburg, PA helped me realized how much I missed being part of a diverse and lively city. However, I also appreciated not having to worry about traffic and cost of living. Knowing this made UC's geographic location a perfect fit for me. These are the qualities that made UC my first choice and should not be overlooked by applicants applying to residencies.

Zhang-Miller Christina
PGY-1       Christina Zhang-Miller, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad School: University of Kentucky - Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering, BS
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Hobbies: Rock climbing, running, traveling, cooking

Why did you choose anesthesia?
I liked every rotation of medical school, but anesthesia was the best mix of everything! It's hands-on, fast-paced, and combines physiology and pharmacology - all things I love.

Why did you choose Cincinnati? 

I attended University of Cincinnati for medical school, so I already knew I liked the city. After rotating as a medical student, it was a no-brainer for me to train here! The program offers excellent clinical training, with early exposure to complex cases and a diverse patient population. Furthermore, the residents have not only formed a close-knit community with each other, but also have great relationships with faculty and residents in other specialties.

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