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Wei Shi


Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • PhD: University of Tennessee (Cell and Molecular Pathology )
  • Master of Medicine: Shanghai Second Medical University (Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Medicine: Zhejiang Medical University (Medicine)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Luo, Yongfeng; Cao, Ke; Chiu, Joanne; Chen, Hui; Wang, Hong-Jun; Thornton, Matthew E; Grubbs, Brendan H; Kolb, Martin; Parmacek, Michael S; Mishina, Yuji; Shi, Wei 2024. Defective mesenchymal Bmpr1a-mediated BMP signaling causes congenital pulmonary cysts. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, ,

Alber, Andrea B; Marquez, Hector A; Ma, Liang; Kwong, George; Thapa, Bibek R; Villacorta-Martin, Carlos; Lindstrom-Vautrin, Jonathan; Bawa, Pushpinder; Wang, Feiya; Luo, Yongfeng; Ikonomou, Laertis; Shi, Wei; Kotton, Darrell N 2023. Directed differentiation of mouse pluripotent stem cells into functional lung-specific mesenchyme. Nature communications, 14 1, 3488

Yanagihara, Toyoshi; Zhou, Quan; Tsubouchi, Kazuya; Revill, Spencer; Ayoub, Anmar; Gholiof, Mahsa; Chong, Sy Giin; Dvorkin-Gheva, Anna; Ask, Kjetil; Shi, Wei; Kolb, Martin Rj 2023. Intrinsic BMP inhibitor Gremlin regulates alveolar epithelial type II cell proliferation and differentiation. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 656 , 53-62

Yang, Qin; Miao, Qing; Chen, Hui; Li, Duo; Luo, Yongfeng; Chiu, Joanne; Wang, Hong-Jun; Chuvanjyan, Michael; Parmacek, Michael S; Shi, Wei 2023. Myocd regulates airway smooth muscle cell remodeling in response to chronic asthmatic injury. The Journal of pathology, 259 3, 331-341

Luo, Xiaojin; Shi, Weihua; Yu, Haoming; Xie, Zhaoyang; Li, Kunyi; Cui, Yue 2018. Wearable Carbon Nanotube-Based Biosensors on Gloves for Lactate. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 18 10,