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Photo of  Shan Lu, PhD

Shan Lu, PhD

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Post Doctoral Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine (Molecular Endocrinology )
  • Doctoral Degree: University of Texas (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Master's Degree: University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Bejing Normal University (Biology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Prostate and Breast, Molecular Endocrinology, Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Hematology Oncology 

Peer Reviewed Publications

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Levin,L., Oleksowicz,L., Wang,J., and Lu, S. 2011. Vav3 oncogene is involved in regulation of secretory phospholipase A2-IIa expression in prostate cancer Oncology Reports, 25 6, 1511-6

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Levin,L., Scott,K., Gaitonde,K., Wang,J., Zhai,Q., Oleksowicz,L., and Lu, S. 2010. Secretory phospholipase A2-IIa is involved in prostate cancer progression and may potentially serve as a biomarker for prostate cancer Carcinogenesis, 31 , 1948-1955

Liu,Y., Wu,X., Dong,Z.Y., and Lu,S. 2010. The molecular mechanisms of Vav3 oncogene activation of androgen receptor in human prostate cancer cells Int J Oncol., 36 , 623-633

Lu, S., Tan,Z., Wortman,M., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.U. 2010. Preferential Induction of G1 Arrest in Androgen Responsive Human Prostate Cancer Cells by Androgen Receptor Signaling Antagonists DL3 and antiandrogen bicalutamide Cancer Letters, 298 , 250-7

Lu,S., Tan,Z., Wortaman,M., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.Y. 2010. Androgen receptor-dependent regulation of heat shock protein 70 in human prostate cancer cells Int J Oncol., 36 , 459-467

Lee,K, Liu,Y., Mo,J.Q., Zhang,J., Dong, Z.Y., Lu, S 2008. Vav3 oncogene activates estrogen receptor and its overexpression may be involved in human breast cancer BCM cancer, 8 , 158

Liu,Y., Mo,J.Q., Hu,Q., Boivin,G., Levin,L., Lu.S., Yang,D., Dong,Z.Y., and Lu,S 2008. Targeted overexpression of Vav3 oncogene in prostatic epithelium induces nonbacterial prostatitis and prostate cancer Cancer Research, 68 , 6396-6406

Lu, S., Wang, A., Lu, S., and Dong, Z.Y 2007. DL3 is a novel anti-androgen and interrupts androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer cells Mol. Cancer Ther, 6 7, 2057-2064

Lu,S., Lee,J., Revelo,M., Wang,X., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.Y 2007. Smad3 is overexpressed in advanced human prostate cancer and necessary for progressive growth of prostate cancer cells in nude mice Clinical Cancer Research, 13 19, 5692-702

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Lee,K., Lu,S., Wang, A., Wang,L.H., Revelo,M., and Lu,S 2006. Vav3 oncogene is overexpressed and regulates cell growth and androgen receptor activity in human prostate cancer Mol. Endo., 20 , 2315-2325