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Photo of  Konstantinos Drosatos, MSc, PhD, FAHA

Konstantinos Drosatos, MSc, PhD, FAHA


Pharmacology & Systems Physiology | College of Medicine

  • PhD: University of Crete & Boston University (Molecular Biology & Biomedicine)
  • MSc: University of Crete (Molecular Biology & Biomedicine)
  • BSc: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Biology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

His graduate training focused on the transcriptional regulation mechanisms of ApoE and the role of ApoE in lipoprotein clearance. In these studies, he demonstrated the importance of the stress activated JNK signaling pathway in the regulation of apoE transcription and created a modified ApoE protein molecule that treats hyperlipidemia. In addition, he discovered that miR370 targe...

Peer Reviewed Publications 2022. , ,

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