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Photo of Debra L. Breneman, MD

Debra L. Breneman, MD

Volunteer Professor

Dermatology | College of Medicine

  • Dermatology Residency: University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • Doctor of Medicine: University of Iowa
  • Bachelor's Degree: Iowa State University (Dual Majors Zoology and Psychology; Minor in Chemistry)
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Dermatology (Certification Date: 1985-11-04)

Contact Information
Research Interests

My research interests are in 2 areas:dermato pharmacology;urtaneous lymphomas.Dermatopharmacology:conducting clinical research trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of various drugs in the treatment of dermatologic diseases.Cutaneous lymphomas:evaluation and treatment of patients with cutaneous lymphomas including B-cell lymphomas including B-cell lymphomas, mycoses fungaide and other cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and miscellaneous types of cutaneous lymphomas as well as conducting clinical research in ...

Clinical Interests


Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma

Cutaneous Lymphoma

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Pruritus (Itchy skin)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Edinger, James T; Lorenzo, Cynthia R; Breneman, Debra L; Swerdlow, Steven H 2011. Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma with subclinical cutaneous involvement and biclonality. Journal of cutaneous pathology, 38 9, 724-30

Breneman, Debra L; Storer, Timothy J; Breneman, John C; Mutasim, Diya F 2008. Methotrexate-induced cutaneous ulceration in patients with erythrodermic mycosis fungoides. Therapeutics and clinical risk management, 4 5, 1135-41

Breneman, Debra L; Raju, Uma S; Breneman, John C; Steele, Paul E; McFadden, David W; Cualing, Hernani D; Nussbaum, Michael S; Swerdlow, Steven H 2003. Lymph node grading for staging of mycosis fungoides may benefit from examination of multiple excised lymph nodes. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 48 5, 702-6

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Doebbeling, B N; Breneman, D L; Neu, H C; Aly, R; Yangco, B G; Holley, H P; Marsh, R J; Pfaller, M A; McGowan, J E; Scully, B E 1993. Elimination of Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage in health care workers: analysis of six clinical trials with calcium mupirocin ointment. The Mupirocin Collaborative Study Group. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 17 3, 466-74

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