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Photo of  David E. Adams, PHD

David E. Adams, PHD

Research Scientist

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • PhD: University of California, Berkeley (Molecular Biology)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Oberlin College (Chemistry)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Clare Hall Laboratories, UK (Biochemistry)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Li, Yutian; Deng, Shan; Wang, Xiaohong; Huang, Wei; Chen, Jing; Robbins, Nathan; Mu, Xingjiang; Essandoh, Kobina; Peng, Tianqing; Jegga, Anil G; Rubinstein, Jack; Adams, David E; Wang, Yigang; Peng, Jiangtong; Fan, Guo-Chang 2020. Sectm1a Deficiency Aggravates Inflammation-Triggered Cardiac Dysfunction through Disruption of LXR? Signaling in Macrophages. Cardiovascular research, ,

Kachapati, Kritika; Bednar, Kyle J; Adams, David E; Wu, Yuehong; Mittler, Robert S; Jordan, Michael B; Hinerman, Jennifer M; Herr, Andrew B; Ridgway, William M 2013. Recombinant soluble CD137 prevents type one diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice. Journal of autoimmunity, 47 , 94-103

Kachapati, Kritika; Adams, David E; Wu, Yuehong; Steward, Charles A; Rainbow, Daniel B; Wicker, Linda S; Mittler, Robert S; Ridgway, William M 2012. The B10 Idd9.3 locus mediates accumulation of functionally superior CD137(+) regulatory T cells in the nonobese diabetic type 1 diabetes model. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 189 10, 5001-15

De Albuquerque, Deijanira Alves; Saxena, Vijay; Adams, David E; Boivin, Gregory P; Brunner, Hermine I; Witte, David P; Singh, Ram Raj 2004. An ACE inhibitor reduces Th2 cytokines and TGF-beta1 and TGF-beta2 isoforms in murine lupus nephritis. Kidney international, 65 3, 846-59

Adams, D E; West, S C 1996. Bypass of DNA heterologies during RuvAB-mediated three- and four-strand branch migration. Journal of molecular biology, 263 4, 582-96

Adams, D E; West, S C 1995. Relaxing and unwinding on Holliday: DNA helicase-mediated branch migration. Mutation research, 337 3, 149-59

Adams, D E; West, S C 1995. Unwinding of closed circular DNA by the Escherichia coli RuvA and RuvB recombination/repair proteins. Journal of molecular biology, 247 3, 404-17

Adams, D E; Tsaneva, I R; West, S C 1994. Dissociation of RecA filaments from duplex DNA by the RuvA and RuvB DNA repair proteins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 91 21, 9901-5

Adams, D E; Bliska, J B; Cozzarelli, N R 1992. Cre-lox recombination in Escherichia coli cells. Mechanistic differences from the in vitro reaction. Journal of molecular biology, 226 3, 661-73

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Stefano, J E; Adams, D E 1988. Assembly of a polyadenylation-specific 25S ribonucleoprotein complex in vitro. Molecular and cellular biology, 8 5, 2052-62

Itoh A.;Ortiz L.;Kachapati K.;Wu Y.;Adams D.;Bednar K.;Mukherjee S.;Chougnet C.;Mittler R.S.;Chen Y.G.;Dolan L.;Ridgway W.M. 11-07-2019. Soluble CD137 Ameliorates Acute Type 1 Diabetes by Inducing T Cell Anergy Frontiers in Immunology, 10 ,