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Photo of  Jie Li, PhD

Jie Li, PhD

Research Associate Professor

Anesthesiology | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Degree: Nankai University (Zoology)
  • Master's Degree: Northeast Normal University (Physiology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Liaoning Normal University (Biology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

My research focuses on the maturation of spinal pain circuits under normal and pathological conditions. specifically, I am interested in the short- and long-term consequences of neonatal tissue injury for the function of synaptic networks in the dorsal horn of spinal cord, which serves as a major relay station of nociceptive input to the brain centers. Multiple experimental approaches are employed  in our studes,  including in vitro electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics, immun...

Peer Reviewed Publications

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