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Meet your Student Wellness Team

Photo of woman in white coat

Nora Bell

Student Groups: Women Leading Healthy Change, Peds Club, Bearcat Mentors, SWC
Research Interests: Novel Methods to Mediate Pediatric Pain and Trauma in a Hospital Setting
Career Goals: Pediatrics
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: I set a time to stop working every day and stick to it, I prioritize friends and hobbies, and make sure that my daily to do list includes things to care for myself (whether that is a 2 minute face mask, a 20 minute facetime with my undergrad friends or a night out with friends)
Hobbies: Painting, Screen Printing, Running, Yoga and playing with my puppy, Olive!

DSC_0150 - Dorothy Chan

Dorothy Chan

Student Groups: SWC, MedMentors, Neurology MSSP
Research Interests: Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, PM&R 
Career Goals: Emergency Medicine, Surgery, and PM&R interest me but I'm excited to explore a number of specialties 
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Lifting/running, napping, being outside, petting dogs 
Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, working out, reading, music

Picture of man outside

Zach Conroy

Student Groups: MedMentors, Peds MSSP Health Program, SWC
Research Interests: Pediatrics
Career Goals: Undecided, but considering a pediatric subspecialty
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Spending time with friends, listen to my body and mind when it tells me to take a break!
Hobbies: Playing sports, traveling, trying new restaurants

SWC_Fessler - Bailey Fessler

Bailey Fessler

Student Groups: SWC, Med Mentors, Neuroscience MSSP

Research Interests: Pediatrics, Neurology

Career Goals: To provide my patients with individualized and compassionate care
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Taking long walks while jamming out to music, spending time with friends and family, yoga, and naps 
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, swimming, art 

Headshot of Dalton Hartwick

Dalton Hartwick

Student Groups: Med Mentors, Chorus, SWC
Research Interests: Public Health, Global Health

Career Goals: Pediatrics, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Exercise, mindfulness meditation, healthy food and sleep habits
Hobbies: Hanging with my cat (Fern), guitar, botany, reading

SWC - Lamia Himed

Lamia Himed

Student Groups: SWC
Research Interests: Psychiatry, Women's Health, Trauma, Substance Abuse 
Career Goals: Psychiatry 
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Prioritizing spending time with people I love, spending time outside, making sure to take breaks throughout the day 
Hobbies: Reading, Binge watching Netflix, Baking, Trying new foods and restaurants, Drinking more coffee than I should 

Photo of Duncan Honeycutt

Duncan Honeycutt

Student Groups: SWC
Research Interests: Psychopharmacology, neuroplasticity, heuristics & biases, post-traumatic growth, harm reduction, medical stigma
Career Goals: Psychiatry, family & community medicine, nonviolence, humanism, data-driven advocacy
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Meditation, nutrition, yoga, hiking, art showings, live music, dance, self-compassion, sharing vulnerability
Hobbies: Poetry, stickers, music recording, science fiction, anime, social & political philosophy, mysticism

Photo of Dan McGough

Dan McGough

Student Groups: Neuroscience Medical Student Scholars, Bearcat Mentors, NSIG, SWC
Research Interests: Neurosurgery
Career Goals: Undecided on specialty, but I know I want to go into academic medicine
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Surfing (when I'm home), being outside, and looking at cute dog videos on the internet
Hobbies: Playing soccer, backpacking/camping, podcasts, and crossword puzzles

Photo of Kimaya Raje

Kimaya Raje

Student Groups: Student Wellness Committee, Neuroscience Medical Student Scholar
Research Interests: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognition, Neurobiology
Career Goals: Physician scientist with a focus in neurology and neuroscience
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Spending time with friends and family, reading, watching Netflix
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Cooking, Painting

Photo of Anthony Sara

Anthony Sara

Student Groups: Oncology Interest Group, Men's Health Club
Research Interests: Hematology-Oncology, Palliative Care, Medical Genetics
Career Goals: Hematology-Oncology 
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Meditation, Journaling, CBT, Mimosas, Working-out
Hobbies: Watching professional/college sports, tanning, reading, EDM festivals, travelling 

Jennifer Wayland Photo

Jennifer Wayland

Student Groups: Bearcat Mentors, SWC
Research Interests: Cardiac and skeletal muscle, cellular circadian rhythms
Career Goals: Physician-scientist, specialty undecided
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Spending time outside, blowing off steam with friends, journaling, guided meditations
Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, reading, knitting, taking care of my plants

Photo of Karoliina Yang

Karoliina Yang

Student Groups: M1/M2 Curriculum Representative, Psych MSSP, SWC
Research Interests: Psychiatry, Telemedicine, Digital Mental Health
Career Goals: I would like to become a practicing psychiatrist and an advisor to organizations using technology to increase access to mental healthcare.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Exercise, talking to my friends/family, taking a step back from negative thoughts and actively reframing them into something more realistic
Hobbies: Movies, Hiking/Camping, Traveling (pre-pandemic)



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