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Photo of  Trisha M. Wise-Draper, MD,PhD

Trisha M. Wise-Draper, MD,PhD


Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Residency: University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Internal Medicine)
  • Fellowship: University of Cincinnati (Hematology/Oncology )
  • Medical Degree: University of Cincinnati
  • Residency: University of Cincinnati (Internal Medicine )
  • Doctoral Degree: University of Cincinnati (Cancer Biology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Miami University (Zoology)
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Internal Medicine (Certification Date: 2013-08-06)
American Board of Internal Medicine (Medical Oncology) (Certification Date: 2015-10-27)


Internal Medicine
Medical Oncology

Contact Information
Research Interests

The laboratory focuses on translational mechanisms of therapeutic resistance and biomarkers in cancer. Our main model of disease is head and neck cancer (HNC) which is the 6th most common cancer worldwide.  Many treatments for HNC are toxic and result in significant morbidity. In addition, the outcomes in locally advanced HNC, especially those with high risk features and those that develop recurrence, are poor.  Therefore, using patient tissue/blood samples as well as established HNC cell lines ...

Clinical Interests

Hematology and Oncology

Lung Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Adenoid Cancer

Alveolar Ridge Cancer

Bucal Cavity Cancer

Ear Cancer

Laryngeal Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Neck Cancer

Oral Cancer

Oropharyngeal Cancer

Parotid Gland Cancer

Pharynx Cancer

Salivary Gland Cancer

Soft Palate Cancer

Throat Cancer


Tongue Cancer

Tonsil Cancer

Peer Reviewed Publications

Agresta, Laura; Lehn, Maria; Lampe, Kristin; Cantrell, Rachel; Hennies, Cassandra; Szabo, Sara; Wise-Draper, Trisha; Conforti, Laura; Hoebe, Kasper; Janssen, Edith M 2020. CD244 represents a new therapeutic target in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 8 1,

Chimote, Ameet A; Gawali, Vaibhavkumar S; Newton, Hannah S; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Conforti, Laura 2020. A Compartmentalized Reduction in Membrane-Proximal Calmodulin Reduces the Immune Surveillance Capabilities of CD8+ T Cells in Head and Neck Cancer. Frontiers in pharmacology, 11 , 143

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Abstract Publications

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