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Photo of  Michael C. Tranter, PhD

Michael C. Tranter, PhD

Volunteer Associate Professor

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Degree: University of Cincinnati (Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Pharmacology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Applied Biology)
Contact Information
  • Cardiovascular Rsrch Cntr 3928
  • Office 513-558-3507
Research Interests

The long-term goals of my research are to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. Within this realm, the ongoing work in the laboratory is broadly centered around post-transcriptional gene regulation in the setting of (1) pathological left ventricular hypertrophy and fibrosis, and (2) the mechanisms of cardioprotection against ischemia/reperfusion injury.
My laboratory has identified human antigen R (HuR) as a new player in the development of ...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Slone, Samuel; Anthony, Sarah R; Wu, Xiaoqing; Benoit, Joshua B; Aube, Jeffrey; Xu, Liang; Tranter, Michael 2016. Activation of HuR downstream of p38 MAPK promotes cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. Cellular signalling, 28 11, 1735-1741

Kraynik, Stephen M; Gabanic, Andrew; Anthony, Sarah R; Kelley, Melissa; Paulding, Waltke R; Roessler, Anne; McGuinness, Michael; Tranter, Michael 2015. The stress-induced heat shock protein 70.3 expression is regulated by a dual-component mechanism involving alternative polyadenylation and HuR. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1849 6, 688-96

Haar, Lauren; Ren, Xiaoping; Liu, Yong; Koch, Sheryl E; Goines, Jillian; Tranter, Michael; Engevik, Melinda A; Nieman, Michelle; Rubinstein, Jack; Jones, W Keith 2014. Acute consumption of a high-fat diet prior to ischemia-reperfusion results in cardioprotection through NF-?B-dependent regulation of autophagic pathways. American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, 307 12, H1705-13

Millard, Ronald W; Tranter, Michael 2014. Complementary, alternative, and putative nontroponin biomarkers of acute coronary syndrome: new resources for future risk assessment calculators. Revista espan?ola de cardiologi?a (English ed.), 67 4, 312-20

Koch, Sheryl E; Tranter, Michael; Robbins, Nathan; Luther, Kristin; Singh, Umesh; Jiang, Min; Ren, Xiaoping; Tee, Trisha; Smith, Leah; Varma, Priyanka; Jones, W Keith; Rubinstein, Jack 2013. Probenecid as a noninjurious positive inotrope in an ischemic heart disease murine model. Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics, 18 3, 280-9

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Tranter, Michael; Helsley, Robert N; Paulding, Waltke R; McGuinness, Michael; Brokamp, Cole; Haar, Lauren; Liu, Yong; Ren, Xiaoping; Jones, W Keith 2011. Coordinated post-transcriptional regulation of Hsp70.3 gene expression by microRNA and alternative polyadenylation. The Journal of biological chemistry, 286 34, 29828-37

Wilhide, Michael E; Tranter, Michael; Ren, Xiaoping; Chen, Jing; Sartor, Maureen A; Medvedovic, Mario; Jones, W Keith 2011. Identification of a NF-?B cardioprotective gene program: NF-?B regulation of Hsp70.1 contributes to cardioprotection after permanent coronary occlusion. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 51 1, 82-9

Tranter, Michael; Ren, Xiaoping; Forde, Tiffany; Wilhide, Michael E; Chen, Jing; Sartor, Maureen A; Medvedovic, Mario; Jones, W Keith 2010. NF-kappaB driven cardioprotective gene programs; Hsp70.3 and cardioprotection after late ischemic preconditioning. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 49 4, 664-72

Kwon, Ohwon; Tranter, Michael; Jones, W Keith; Sankovic, John M; Banerjee, Rupak K 2009. Differential translocation of nuclear factor-kappaB in a cardiac muscle cell line under gravitational changes. Journal of biomechanical engineering, 131 6, 064503

Tranter M and Jones WK. 2008. Anti-Inflammatory effects of HO-1 activity in vascular endothelial cells. Free Radical Biology and Medicine., 44 3, 261

Tranter, Michael; Jones, W Keith 2008. Anti-inflammatory effects of HO-1 activity in vascular endothelial cells, commentary on "Carbon monoxide donors or heme oxygenase (HO-1) overexpression blocks interleukin-18-mediated NF-kappaB-PTEN-dependent human cardiac endothelial cell death". Free radical biology & medicine, 44 3, 261-3

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