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Photo of  Renu Sah, PhD

Renu Sah, PhD


Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology & Systems Biology University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Pharmacology & Systems Physiology | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Degree: Lucknow University (Biochemistry)
  • Post-Doctoral Training: University of Wisconsin and Duke University (Neuropharmacology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

The focus of my research program is to understand mechanisms underlying fear and anxiety behaviors and how they manifest into disorders such as Panic Disorder (PD) and Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). The long term goal is to delineate novel brain circuits and therapeutic targets. My lab is particularly interested in how the brain processes fear generated by "external" versus "internal"  threats to survival. For example, a life-threatening experience in combat or crime (exter...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Reeder, Evan L; O'Connell, Christopher J; Collins, Sean M; Traubert, Owen D; Norman, Sophia V; Cáceres, Román A; Sah, Renu; Smith, David W; Robson, Matthew J 2023. Increased Carbon Dioxide Respiration Prevents the Effects of Acceleration/Deceleration Elicited Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Neuroscience, 509 , 20-35

McMurray, Katherine M J; Sah, Renu 2022. Neuroimmune mechanisms in fear and panic pathophysiology. Frontiers in psychiatry, 13 , 1015349

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Wang, Jiapeng; Ware, Kierra; Bedolla, Alicia; Allgire, Emily; Turcato, Flavia Correa; Weed, Maxwell; Sah, Renu; Luo, Yu 2022. Disruption of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Accelerates Age-Related Neurogenesis Decline and Abolishes Stroke-Induced Neurogenesis and Leads to Increased Anxiety Behavior in Stroke Mice. Translational stroke research, 13 5, 830-844

Winter, Andrew; McMurray, Katherine M J; Ahlbrand, Rebecca; Allgire, Emily; Shukla, Sachi; Jones, James; Sah, Renu 2022. The subfornical organ regulates acidosis-evoked fear by engaging microglial acid-sensor TDAG8 and forebrain neurocircuits in male mice. Journal of neuroscience research, 100 9, 1732-1746

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Sun, Xuming; Tommasi, Ellen; Molina, Doris; Sah, Renu; Brosnihan, K Bridget; Diz, Debra; Petrovic, Snezana 2016. Deletion of proton-sensing receptor GPR4 associates with lower blood pressure and lower binding of angiotensin II receptor in SFO. American journal of physiology. Renal physiology, 311 6, F1260-F1266

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