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Academic Success Resources

Individual Consultation

Success in medical school requires efficient, self-directed learning and the use of active study strategies. For many students, it requires developing a new approach to study.

The academic consulting process includes:

  1.  Completion of the intake form
  2.  Individual consultation
  3.  Development of an action plan
  4.  Follow-up.

The number of sessions will vary according to the type of problem and action plan.

Action plans may include referrals to other specialists/professionals. Individual consultation may cover a wide range of topics including: study skills enhancement, test taking strategies, test anxiety, study schedules, stress management, shelf exams, Myers-Briggs interpretation, and USMLE prep.


Developing Your Physician Identity: MBTI

Includes administration and interpretation of MBTI-type survey with a focus on the potential intersection of type and learning styles and specialty selection

How to Study in Medical School

Summarizes the changes that are required in study habits from college to medical school, time-management techniques, and effective study strategies

How to Use Anki

Workshop that introduces Anki and guides students on how to make the most of this online resource

How to Use Concept Mapping

Workshop that teaches students how to create a concept map and how to incorporate concept mapping into their study routine

Pro-Tips Series

The first week of each course will include a Pro-Tips session with a panel of peer leaders.  Peer leaders will share recommendations on best resources, unique course features and effective study strategies.

Other Resources

Expert Skills Program

The Expert Skills program was developed by Dr. John Pelley at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. Expert Skills is a professional skill development opportunity for all interested medical students from any institution. It provides effective tools for improving study skills in the medical curriculum.

Exam Master

Students are provided with free unlimited access to a USMLE practice question bank through the Health Sciences Library.  Students can access thousands of practice questions for use with the basic sciences in years 1 and 2, NBME shelf exams in year 3 and board prep for Steps 1 and 2.

Lending Library

The Academic Success Lending Library is a collection of text, reference and review books to supplement medical students’ study materials. The collection includes a variety of USMLE review books as well as books to help students prepare for third-year NBME “Shelf” exams. The Lending Library is located in the Student Affairs suite in Room E-152. Students are asked to sign materials out and to return them at their convenience. 


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