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Photo of  Nikolai Timchenko, MD

Nikolai Timchenko, MD


Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Degree: Institute of Experimental Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine (Pathology)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Brown, Anthony; Pan, Qingfei; Fan, Li; Indersie, Emilie; Tian, Cheng; Timchenko, Nikolai; Li, Liyuan; Hansen, Baranda S; Tan, Haiyan; Lu, Meifen; Peng, Junmin; Pruett-Miller, Shondra M; Yu, Jiyang; Cairo, Stefano; Zhu, Liqin 2023. Ribonucleotide reductase subunit switching in hepatoblastoma drug response and relapse. Communications biology, 6 1, 249

Brown, Anthony; Pan, Qingfei; Fan, Li; Indersie, Emilie; Tian, Cheng; Timchenko, Nikolai; Li, Liyuan; Hansen, Baranda S; Tan, Haiyan; Lu, Meifen; Peng, Junmin; Pruett-Miller, Shondra M; Yu, Jiyang; Cairo, Stefano; Zhu, Liqin 2023. Ribonucleotide Reductase Subunit Switching in Hepatoblastoma Drug Response and Relapse. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, ,

Lutz, Maggie; Levanti, Miranda; Karns, Rebekah; Gourdon, Genevieve; Lindquist, Diana; Timchenko, Nikolai A; Timchenko, Lubov 2023. Therapeutic Targeting of the GSK3β-CUGBP1 Pathway in Myotonic Dystrophy. International journal of molecular sciences, 24 13,

D'Souza, Amber M; Gnanamony, Manu; Thomas, Maria; Hanley, Peter; Kanabar, Dipti; de Alarcon, Pedro; Muth, Aaron; Timchenko, Nikolai 2022. Second Generation Small Molecule Inhibitors of Gankyrin for the Treatment of Pediatric Liver Cancer. Cancers, 14 13,

Gulati, Ruhi; Hanlon, Margaret A; Lutz, Maggie; Quitmeyer, Tyler; Geller, James; Tiao, Gregory; Timchenko, Lubov; Timchenko, Nikolai 2022. Phosphorylation-Mediated Activation of β-Catenin-TCF4-CEGRs/ALCDs Pathway Is an Essential Event in Development of Aggressive Hepatoblastoma. Cancers, 14 24,

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