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Photo of  Brian W. Starr, MD

Brian W. Starr, MD

Instructor of Clinical-Affiliate

Instructor of Clinical Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Medical Degree: Wright State University
  • Bachelor of Science: Xavier University (Physics)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Starr, Brian W; Chung, Kevin C 2023. InternalBrace for Intercarpal Ligament Reconstruction. Hand clinics, 39 3, 379-388

Starr, Brian W; Cornwall, Roger 2023. Pediatric Flexor Tendon Injuries. Hand clinics, 39 2, 227-233

Starr, Brian W; Davenport, Ryan O; Granzow, Derek; Johnson, Shepard P; Lien, John R 2023. Optimizing the Use of Operating Rooms by Transitioning Common Hand Surgeries Into the Office Setting. The Journal of hand surgery, 48 3, 217-225

Starr, Brian W; Dembinski, Douglas R; Yuan, Frank; Lax, Elizabeth A; Yalamanchili, Suma; Megee, David M 2023. Point Blank: A Retrospective Review of Self-inflicted Gunshot Wounds to the Hand. Hand (New York, N.Y.), 18 2, 307-313

Starr, Brian W; Lax, Elizabeth A; Leto Barone, Angelo A; Ulma, Raquel M; Pan, Brian S; Elhadi Babiker, Haithem M 2022. Pindborg tumor in early childhood: a rare tumor in the youngest patient reported to date. Case reports in plastic surgery & hand surgery, 9 1, 61-65

Starr, Brian W; Chung, Kevin C 2021. Traditional Neuroma Management. Hand clinics, 37 3, 335-344

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Starr, Brian W; Lee, Dennis S; Stern, Peter J 2020. Anatomy of the Posterior Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve, Revisited. The Journal of hand surgery, 45 4, 360.e1-360.e4

Rotatori, R Maxwell; Starr, Brian; Peake, Mitchell; Fowler, Laura; James, Laura; Nelson, Judy; Dale, Elizabeth L 2019. Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hypertrophic Scarring of Split Thickness Autograft Donor Sites in a Pediatric Burn Population. Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, 45 5, 1066-1074

Starr, Brian W; Hagen, Matthew C; Espay, Alberto J 2014. Hydrocephalic Parkinsonism: lessons from normal pressure hydrocephalus mimics. Journal of clinical movement disorders, 1 , 2