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Lorenz Laboratory - Research Focus

My research has two facets.  First, I am director of the Murine Physiology Core Facility in the University of Cincinnati College of medicine.  The facility dedicated to the functional analysis of cardiovascular and renal phenotypes in mutant mice and rats. We employ a wide variety of approaches to interrogate the effects of genetic modifications in mice including acute in vivo and ex vivo diagnostic techniques as well as chronic models of cardiac hypertrophy, ischemic injury and systemic hypertension. This facility is well recognized and heavily utilized by investigators at the University of Cincinnati and elsewhere.

Second, my lab is currently engaged in research to examine the autonomic cardiovascular effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The ANS governs homeostatic control over different organs in the body, and is comprised of sympathetic and the parasympathetic pathways working in concert with the endocrine system to regulate cardiac, renal, adrenal, homoeothermic, and enteric function.  Autonomic dysfunction can occur when there is an imbalance in the regulation or function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic pathways, resulting in cardiovascular dysfunction and failure.  Thus, the overall goal of these studies is to examine the effects of TBI on the autonomic control of cardiovascular and renal function. 

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