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Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Rosselot, A.E., Park, M.R., Matsu-Ura, T., Wu, G., Flores, D.E., Subramanian, K.R., Lee, S., Sundaram, N., Broda, T.R., Hawkins, J.A., Shroyer, N.F., Helmrath, J.A., Wells, J.M., Hogenesch, J.B., Moore, S.R., & Hong, C.I. Ontogeny and function of the circadian clock in intestinal organoids, EMBO J, 2021; Oct 27:e106973. Cover article 

Liu, X., Chen, A., Caicedo-Casso, A., Cui, G., Du, M., He, Q., Lim, S., Kim, H.J., Hong, C.I., & Liu, Y. FRQ-CK1 interaction determines the period of circadian rhythms in Neurospora, Nat Commun, 2019; 10(1):4352.

Baek, M., Virgilio, S., Oneida, I., Bertolini, M.C., Dovzhenok, A., Lim, S., Bell-Pedersen, D. & Hong, C.I. Circadian clock regulation of the glycogen synthase (gsn) gene by WCC is critical for rhythmic glycogen metabolism in Neurospora crassa, . Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2019; 116(21):10435-10440.

Matsu-ura, T., Dovzhenok, A., Coradetti, S.T., Subramanian, K.R., Meyer, D.R., Kwon, J.J., Kim, C., Salomonis, N., Glass, N.L., Lim, S., & Hong, C.I. Synthetic gene network with positive feedback loop amplifies cellulase gene expression in Neurospora crassa, ACS Synth Biol. 2018; 7(5):1395-1405.

Lee, K.K., McCauley, H.A., Broda, T.R., Kofron, M.J., Wells, J.M. & Hong, C.I. Human stomach-on-a-chip with luminal flow and peristaltic-like motility, Lab Chip, 2018; 18(20):3079-3085.

Bellman, J., Kim, J., Lim, S., & Hong, C.I. Modeling reveals a key mechanism for light-dependent phase shifts of Neurospora circadian rhythms, Biophy J, 2018; 115(6):1093-1102.

Liu, X., Dang, Y., Matsu-ura, T., He, Y., He, Q., Hong, C.I., & Liu, Y. DNA Replication Is Required for Circadian Clock Function by Regulating Rhythmic Nucleosome Composition, Molecular Cell, 2017; 67(2):2013-213.

Matsu-ura, T., Dovzhenok, A., Aihara, E., Rood, J., Le, H., Ren, Y., Rosselot, A.E., Zhang, T., Lee, C., Obrietan, K., Montrose, M.H., Lim, S., Moore, S.R., & Hong, C.I. Intercellular coupling of cell cycle and circadian clock in adult stem cell culture, Molecular Cell, 2016; 64(5):900-912. Editor’s choice by Science Signaling. F1000Prime Recommended.

Caicedo-Casso, A., Kang, H., Lim, S, & Hong, C.I. Robustness and period sensitivity analysis of minimal models for biochemical oscillators, Scientific Reports, 2015; 5:13161.

Matsuura T., Baek, M., Kwon, J., & Hong, C.I. Efficient gene editing in Neurospora crassa with CRISPR technology, Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, 2015; 2:4.

Hong, C.I., Zamborszky, J., Baek, M., Labiscsak, L., Ju, K., Lee, H., Larrondo, L.F., Goity, A., Chong, H.S., Belden, W.J., & Csikasz- Nagy, A. Circadian rhythms synchronize mitosis in Neurospora crassa. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2014; 111:1397-402.

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