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Research Focus

Who we are

Recently joined the Department of Pharmacology and System Physiology at the University of Cincinnati, the Gao Lab is focused on uncovering novel molecular mechanisms for the pathogenesis of cardiac diseases, including cardiac hypertrophy, remodeling, and dysfunction.  The lab utilizes state-of-the-art molecular, genomic, and genetic tools to discover and interrogate key molecules involved in the understudied post-transcriptional processes in RNA metabolism in cardiac tissues under physiological and pathological states.  Ultimately, the Lab aims to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies for heart failure and cardiometabolic diseases.

Our Questions

  • Determine the dynamic RNA processing landscape in the heart during development and diseases at the levels of RNA-splicing, RNA degradation and ribosome loading.
  • Establish the functional impact of RNA processing regulation in cardiac physiology and pathological remodeling.
  • Explore the underlying regulatory mechanisms and key players of RNA processing in cardiometabolic diseases.

Our Goals

The Gao Lab is dedicated to excellence and integrity in both scientific research and training. We are committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative working environment with a shared mission to advance our knowledge and understanding of cardiovascular disease while promoting professional and educational goals for each of our lab team members.

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Department of
Pharmacology and Systems Physiology

College of Medicine
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0575

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