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Photo of  Xiang Zhu

Xiang Zhu

Clinical Instructor

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Doctor of Philosophy: Nanjing Medical University,
  • Bachelor of Clinical Medicine: Nanjing Medical University,
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Rubinstein, Jeremy D; Zhu, Xiang; Leemhuis, Thomas; Pham, Giang; Ray, Lorraine; Emberesh, Sana; Jodele, Sonata; Thomas, Shawn; Cancelas, Jose A; Bollard, Catherine M; Hanley, Patrick J; Keller, Michael D; Grimley, Olivia; Clark, Diana; Clark, Teri; Lindestam Arlehamn, Cecilia S; Sette, Alessandro; Davies, Stella M; Nelson, Adam S; Grimley, Michael S; Lutzko, Carolyn 2021. Virus-specific T cells for adenovirus infection after stem cell transplantation are highly effective and class II HLA restricted. Blood advances, 5 17, 3309-3321

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