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Photo of  Laura A. Woollett, PhD

Laura A. Woollett, PhD


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science (chemistry): Miami University
  • Doctorate (biochemistry): Iowa State University
Contact Information
Research Interests

Our laboratory studies the pregnant female and their offspring (in utero and in adulthood). 
Pregnancy is an inflammatory state.  The state is more severe when a female is obese.  Our goals are to understand how pregnancy and obesity interact to affect processes that change during gestation, such as glucose intolerance, inflammation, and altered lipid metabolism.  Recently, we have begun to study the multiparous female since in humans, as in rodents, multiparity is...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Rebholz, Sandra L; Melchior, John T; Davidson, W Sean; Jones, Helen N; Welge, Jeffrey A; Prentice, Andrew M; Moore, Sophie E; Woollett, Laura A 2017. Studies in genetically modified mice implicate maternal HDL as a mediator of fetal growth. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, ,

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Ramprasath, Vanu R; Jones, Peter Jh; Buckley, Donna D; Woollett, Laura A; Heubi, James E 2013. Effect of dietary sphingomyelin on absorption and fractional synthetic rate of cholesterol and serum lipid profile in humans. Lipids in health and disease, 12 , 125

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