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Photo of James Rex, MD

James Rex, MD

Clinical Instructor

Orthopaedic Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Doctorate of Medicine: Medical University of South Carolina
  • Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering: Clemson University (Biomaterials engineering)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Gross C, Della Valle C, Rex J, Sophia T, Durante E 2021. Fungal Periprosthetic Joint Infection: A Review of Demographics and Management Journal of Arthroplasty, ,

Bredikhin, M., Gil, D., Rex, J., Cobb, W., Reukov, V., & Vertegel, A 2020. Anti-inflammatory coating of hernia repair meshes: a 5-rabbit study Hernia, ,

Gil D, Rex J, Cobb W, Reukov V, Vertegel A 2018. Anti-inflammatory coatings of hernia repair meshes: A pilot study J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater, ,

Gil, D, Rex, J, Reukov, V, Vertegel 2018. In vitro study on the deterioration of polypropylene hernia repair meshes J Biomed Mater Res Part B , ,

Abstract Publications

Rex, J., Durante, E., Barcel, A., & Gross, C. 2019. MALDI-TOF Analysis of K-wire Biofilms: A Pilot Study Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics, ,

Shealy, N., Rex, J., Bradshaw, A., & Gross, C. 2019. Dynamic Stretching of Fibrillar Collagen Enhances Cross-linking by Transglutaminas Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics, ,