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Photo of Jenna S. Hall

Jenna S. Hall

Research Associate

Orthopaedic Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Certificate: University of Cincinnati (Clinical Research)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Holland, Jenna; Sorrell, Joyce; Yates, Emily; Smith, Kathleen; Arbabi, Shahriar; Arnold, Myrtha; Rivir, Marita; Morano, Rachel; Chen, Jenny; Zhang, Xiang; Dimarchi, Richard; Woods, Stephen C; Sanchez-Gurmaches, Joan; Wohleb, Eric; Perez-Tilve, Diego 2019. A Brain-Melanocortin-Vagus Axis Mediates Adipose Tissue Expansion Independently of Energy Intake. Cell reports, 27 8, 2399-2410.e6

Peng, Jiangtong; Li, Yutian; Wang, Xiaohong; Deng, Shan; Holland, Jenna; Yates, Emily; Chen, Jing; Gu, Haitao; Essandoh, Kobina; Mu, Xingjiang; Wang, Boyu; McNamara, Robert K; Peng, Tianqing; Jegga, Anil G; Liu, Tiemin; Nakamura, Takahisa; Huang, Kai; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Fan, Guo-Chang 2018. An Hsp20-FBXO4 Axis Regulates Adipocyte Function through Modulating PPAR? Ubiquitination. Cell reports, 23 12, 3607-3620

Rivero-Gutierrez, Belen; Haller, April; Holland, Jenna; Yates, Emily; Khrisna, Radha; Habegger, Kirk; Dimarchi, Richard; D'Alessio, David; Perez-Tilve, Diego 2018. Deletion of the glucagon receptor gene before and after experimental diabetes reveals differential protection from hyperglycemia. Molecular metabolism, 17 , 28-38

Arble, Deanna M; Holland, Jenna; Ottaway, Nickki; Sorrell, Joyce; Pressler, Joshua W; Morano, Rachel; Woods, Stephen C; Seeley, Randy J; Herman, James P; Sandoval, Darleen A; Perez-Tilve, Diego 2015. The melanocortin-4 receptor integrates circadian light cues and metabolism. Endocrinology, 156 5, 1685-91

Heppner, Kristy M; Marks, Sarah; Holland, Jenna; Ottaway, Nickki; Smiley, David; Dimarchi, Richard; Perez-Tilve, Diego 2015. Contribution of brown adipose tissue activity to the control of energy balance by GLP-1 receptor signalling in mice. Diabetologia, 58 9, 2124-32

Trivedi, Chitrang; Shan, Xiaoye; Tung, Yi-Chun Loraine; Kabra, Dhiraj; Holland, Jenna; Amburgy, Sarah; Heppner, Kristy; Kirchner, Henriette; Yeo, Giles S H; Perez-Tilve, Diego 2015. Tachykinin-1 in the central nervous system regulates adiposity in rodents. Endocrinology, 156 5, 1714-23

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Finan, Brian; Ma, Tao; Ottaway, Nickki; Müller, Timo D; Habegger, Kirk M; Heppner, Kristy M; Kirchner, Henriette; Holland, Jenna; Hembree, Jazzminn; Raver, Christine; Lockie, Sarah H; Smiley, David L; Gelfanov, Vasily; Yang, Bin; Hofmann, Susanna; Bruemmer, Dennis; Drucker, Daniel J; Pfluger, Paul T; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Gidda, Jaswant; Vignati, Louis; Zhang, Lianshan; Hauptman, Jonathan B; Lau, Michele; Brecheisen, Mathieu; Uhles, Sabine; Riboulet, William; Hainaut, Emmanuelle; Sebokova, Elena; Conde-Knape, Karin; Konkar, Anish; DiMarchi, Richard D; Tschöp, Matthias H 2013. Unimolecular dual incretins maximize metabolic benefits in rodents, monkeys, and humans. Science translational medicine, 5 209, 209ra151

Habegger, Kirk M; Kirchner, Henriette; Yi, Chun-Xia; Heppner, Kristy M; Sweeney, Dan; Ottaway, Nickki; Holland, Jenna; Amburgy, Sarah; Raver, Christine; Krishna, Radhakrishna; Müller, Timo D; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Pfluger, Paul T; Obici, Silvana; DiMarchi, Richard D; D'Alessio, David A; Seeley, Randy J; Tschöp, Matthias H 2013. GLP-1R agonism enhances adjustable gastric banding in diet-induced obese rats. Diabetes, 62 9, 3261-7

Habegger, Kirk M; Stemmer, Kerstin; Cheng, Christine; Müller, Timo D; Heppner, Kristy M; Ottaway, Nickki; Holland, Jenna; Hembree, Jazzminn L; Smiley, David; Gelfanov, Vasily; Krishna, Radha; Arafat, Ayman M; Konkar, Anish; Belli, Sara; Kapps, Martin; Woods, Stephen C; Hofmann, Susanna M; D'Alessio, David; Pfluger, Paul T; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Seeley, Randy J; Konishi, Morichika; Itoh, Nobuyujki; Kharitonenkov, Alexei; Spranger, Joachim; DiMarchi, Richard D; Tschöp, Matthias H 2013. Fibroblast growth factor 21 mediates specific glucagon actions. Diabetes, 62 5, 1453-63

Kirchner, Henriette; Heppner, Kristy M; Holland, Jenna; Kabra, Dhiraj; Tschöp, Matthias H; Pfluger, Paul T 2013. Ablation of ghrelin O-acyltransferase does not improve glucose intolerance or body adiposity in mice on a leptin-deficient ob/ob background. PloS one, 8 4, e61822

Müller, Timo D; Lee, Sang Jun; Jastroch, Martin; Kabra, Dhiraj; Stemmer, Kerstin; Aichler, Michaela; Abplanalp, Bill; Ananthakrishnan, Gayathri; Bhardwaj, Nakul; Collins, Sheila; Divanovic, Senad; Endele, Max; Finan, Brian; Gao, Yuanqing; Habegger, Kirk M; Hembree, Jazzmin; Heppner, Kristy M; Hofmann, Susanna; Holland, Jenna; Küchler, Daniela; Kutschke, Maria; Krishna, Radha; Lehti, Maarit; Oelkrug, Rebecca; Ottaway, Nickki; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Raver, Christine; Walch, Axel K; Schriever, Sonja C; Speakman, John; Tseng, Yu-Hua; Diaz-Meco, Maria; Pfluger, Paul T; Moscat, Jorge; Tschöp, Matthias H 2013. p62 links ?-adrenergic input to mitochondrial function and thermogenesis. The Journal of clinical investigation, 123 1, 469-78

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