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Kim A. Hasselfeld

Clinical Research Project Mgr

Clinical Research Manager

Orthopaedic Surgery | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Bigsby, Kathryn; Mangine, Robert E; Clark, Joseph F; Rauch, Joseph T; Bixenmann, Benjamin; Susaret, Antonia W; Hasselfeld, Kimberly A; Colosimo, Angelo J 2014. Effects of postural control manipulation on visuomotor training performance: comparative data in healthy athletes. International journal of sports physical therapy, 9 4, 436-46

Branam, Barton R; Hasselfeld, Kimberly A 2013. "Retrograde technique" for drilling the femoral tunnel in an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Arthroscopy techniques, 2 4, e395-9

Michael Smith, J; Roberts, William H; Miller, Jeffrey D; Hasselfeld, Kimberly A; Pat Hendy, Mary 2006. Controlled cardiac reoxygenation does not improve myocardial function following global myocardial ischemia. International journal of surgery (London, England), 4 3, 153-9

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Rosenbaum, Cathy Creger; Woods, Scott E; Hasselfeld, Kimberly A 2002. Correlation of the change in the International Normalized Ratio and decreasing the Coumadin dosage following total joint arthroplasty. Orthopedics, 25 12, 1359-63; discussion

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