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Photo of Diego C. Fernandez

Diego C. Fernandez

Assistant Professor-Affiliate

Ophthalmology | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Fernandez D.; Pasquini L.; Dorfman D.; Aldana Marcos H.; Rosenstein R. 12-20-2012. Ischemic Conditioning Protects from Axoglial Alterations of the Optic Pathway Induced by Experimenta PLoS ONE, 7 12,

Duy P.Q.; Komal R.; Richardson M.E.S.; Hahm K.S.; Fernandez D.C.; Hattar S. 12-01-2020. Light Has Diverse Spatiotemporal Molecular Changes in the Mouse Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Journal of Biological Rhythms, 35 6, 576-587

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Rupp A.; Ren M.; Altimus C.; Fernandez D.; Richardson M.; Turek F.; Hattar S.; Schmidt T. 07-01-2019. Distinct ipRGC subpopulations mediate light’s acute and circadian effects on body temperature and sl eLife, 8 ,

Chew K.S.; Renna J.M.; McNeill D.S.; Fernandez D.C.; Keenan W.T.; Thomsen M.B.; Ecker J.L.; Loevinsohn G.S.; Vandunk C.; Vicarel D.C.; Tufford A.; Weng S.; Gray P.A.; Cayouette M.; Herzog E.D.; Zhao H.; Berson D.M.; Hattar S. 06-15-2017. A subset of iprgcs regulates both maturation of the circadian clock and segregation of retinogenicul eLife, 6 ,

Weil T.; Daly K.M.; Castillo H.Y.; Thomsen M.B.; Wang H.; Mercau M.E.; Hattar S.; Tejeda H.; Fernandez D.C. 06-01-2022. Daily changes in light influence mood via inhibitory networks within the thalamic perihabenular nucl Science Advances, 8 23,

Chew K.; Fernandez D.; Hattar S.; Südhof T.; Martinelli D. 06-01-2017. Anatomical and Behavioral Investigation of C1ql3 in the Mouse Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Journal of Biological Rhythms, 32 3, 222-236

De Zavalía N.; Plano S.; Fernandez D.; Lanzani M.; Salido E.; Belforte N.; Sarmiento M.; Golombek D.; Rosenstein R. 06-01-2011. Effect of experimental glaucoma on the non-image forming visual system Journal of Neurochemistry, 117 5, 904-914

Fernandez D.C.; Chang Y.T.; Hattar S.; Chen S.K. 05-24-2016. Architecture of retinal projections to the central circadian pacemaker Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 21, 6047-6052

Fernandez D.C.; Komal R.; Langel J.; Ma J.; Duy P.Q.; Penzo M.A.; Zhao H.; Hattar S. 05-14-2020. Retinal innervation tunes circuits that drive nonphotic entrainment to food Nature, 581 7807, 194-198

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