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Photo of Heidi L. Meeds

Heidi L. Meeds

Sr Research Assistant

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Odegard, Elizabeth A; Meeds, Heidi L; Kleiboeker, Steven B; Ziady, Assem; Sabulski, Anthony; Jodele, Sonata; Davies, Stella M; Laskin, Benjamin L; Blackard, Jason T 2021. BK Polyomavirus Genotypes in Two Patients after Hematopoietic Cell Transplant. Microbiology resource announcements, 10 2,

Sherman, Kenneth E; Kottilil, Shyam; Rouster, Susan D; Abdel-Hameed, Enass A; Boyce, Ceejay L; Meeds, Heidi L; Terrault, Norah; Shata, M Tarek 2021. Hepatitis E Infection in a Longitudinal Cohort of HCV and HCV/HIV Coinfected Persons. AIDS research and human retroviruses, ,

Sherman, Kenneth E; Meeds, Heidi L; Rouster, Susan D; Abdel-Hameed, Enass A; Hernandez, Jacqueline; Tamargo, Javier; Chen, Jun; Ehman, Richard L; Baum, Marianna 2021. Soluble CD163 Identifies Those at Risk for Increased Hepatic Inflammation & Fibrosis. Open forum infectious diseases, 8 6, ofab203

Sherman, Kenneth E; Rouster, Susan D; Meeds, Heidi; Tamargo, Javier; Chen, Jun; Ehman, Richard; Baum, Marianna 2021. PNPLA3 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Prevalence and Association with Liver Disease in a Diverse Cohort of Persons Living with HIV. Biology, 10 3,

Tamargo, Javier A; Hernandez-Boyer, Jacqueline; Teeman, Colby; Martin, Haley R; Huang, Yongjun; Johnson, Angelique; Campa, Adriana; Martinez, Sabrina S; Li, Tan; Rouster, Susan D; Meeds, Heidi L; Sherman, Kenneth E; Baum, Marianna K 2021. Immune activation: A link between food insecurity and chronic disease in people living with HIV. The Journal of infectious diseases, ,