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Crystal M. Potter

Sr Research Assistant

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Bargiela, Rafael; Lanthaler, Karin; Potter, Colin M; Ferrer, Manuel; Yakunin, Alexander F; Paizs, Bela; Golyshin, Peter N; Golyshina, Olga V 2020. Proteome Cold-Shock Response in the Extremely Acidophilic Archaeon, Cuniculiplasma divulgatum. Microorganisms, 8 5,

Drill, Rebecca; Drinkwater, Robert; Ernst, Julian; Gill, Annabel; Hunnicutt, Patrick; McIntyre, Shannon; Potter, Carrie M; Richardson, Hannah; Beinashowitz, Jack 2019. The vicissitudes of conducting psychodynamic research in a naturalistic setting. Psychotherapy (Chicago, Ill.), 56 1, 126-133

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Peters, Michele; Potter, Caroline M; Kelly, Laura; Fitzpatrick, Ray 2019. Self-efficacy and health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study of primary care patients with multi-morbidity. Health and quality of life outcomes, 17 1, 37

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Potter, Caroline M; Kelly, Laura; Hunter, Cheryl; Fitzpatrick, Ray; Peters, Michele 2018. The context of coping: a qualitative exploration of underlying inequalities that influence health services support for people living with long-term conditions. Sociology of health & illness, 40 1, 130-145

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Vliegenthart, A D Bastiaan; Berends, Cécile; Potter, Carmelita M J; Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Maiwenn; Dear, James W 2017. MicroRNA-122 can be measured in capillary blood which facilitates point-of-care testing for drug-induced liver injury. British journal of clinical pharmacology, 83 9, 2027-2033

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Xie, Yao; Potter, Claire M F; Le Bras, Alexandra; Nowak, Witold N; Gu, Wenduo; Bhaloo, Shirin Issa; Zhang, Zhongyi; Hu, Yanhua; Zhang, Li; Xu, Qingbo 2017. Leptin Induces Sca-1+ Progenitor Cell Migration Enhancing Neointimal Lesions in Vessel-Injury Mouse Models. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 37 11, 2114-2127

Hamilton, Jessica L; Potter, Carrie M; Olino, Thomas M; Abramson, Lyn Y; Heimberg, Richard G; Alloy, Lauren B 2016. The Temporal Sequence of Social Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Following Interpersonal Stressors During Adolescence. Journal of abnormal child psychology, 44 3, 495-509

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