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Elizabeth Serafin

Principal Research Asst

Anesthesiology | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Serafin, Elizabeth K; Paranjpe, Aditi; Brewer, Chelsie L; Baccei, Mark L 2021. Single-nucleus characterization of adult mouse spinal dynorphin-lineage cells and identification of persistent transcriptional effects of neonatal hindpaw incision. Pain, 162 1, 203-218

Brewer, Chelsie L; Li, Jie; O'Conor, Keith; Serafin, Elizabeth K; Baccei, Mark L 2020. Neonatal Injury Evokes Persistent Deficits in Dynorphin Inhibitory Circuits within the Adult Mouse Superficial Dorsal Horn. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 40 20, 3882-3895

Brewer, Chelsie L; Styczynski, Lauren M; Serafin, Elizabeth K; Baccei, Mark L 2020. Postnatal maturation of spinal dynorphin circuits and their role in somatosensation. Pain, 161 8, 1906-1924

Serafin, Elizabeth K; Chamessian, Alexander; Li, Jie; Zhang, Xiang; McGann, Amanda; Brewer, Chelsie L; Berta, Temugin; Baccei, Mark 2019. Transcriptional profile of spinal dynorphin-lineage interneurons in the developing mouse. Pain, 160 10, 2380-2397

Li, Jie; Serafin, Elizabeth; Baccei, Mark L 2018. Prostaglandin Signaling Governs Spike Timing-Dependent Plasticity at Sensory Synapses onto Mouse Spinal Projection Neurons. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 38 30, 6628-6639

Li, Jie; Kritzer, Elizabeth; Craig, Paige E; Baccei, Mark L 2015. Aberrant synaptic integration in adult lamina I projection neurons following neonatal tissue damage. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 35 6, 2438-51

Li, Jie; Kritzer, Elizabeth; Ford, Neil C; Arbabi, Shahriar; Baccei, Mark L 2015. Connectivity of pacemaker neurons in the neonatal rat superficial dorsal horn. The Journal of comparative neurology, 523 7, 1038-1053

Dervillez, Xavier; Qureshi, Huma; Chentoufi, Aziz A; Khan, Arif A; Kritzer, Elizabeth; Yu, David C; Diaz, Oscar R; Gottimukkala, Chetan; Kalantari, Mina; Villacres, Maria C; Scarfone, Vanessa M; McKinney, Denise M; Sidney, John; Sette, Alessandro; Nesburn, Anthony B; Wechsler, Steven L; BenMohamed, Lbachir 2013. Asymptomatic HLA-A*02:01-restricted epitopes from herpes simplex virus glycoprotein B preferentially recall polyfunctional CD8+ T cells from seropositive asymptomatic individuals and protect HLA transgenic mice against ocular herpes. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 191 10, 5124-38

Chentoufi, Aziz Alami; Kritzer, Elizabeth; Yu, David M; Nesburn, Anthony B; Benmohamed, Lbachir 2012. Towards a rational design of an asymptomatic clinical herpes vaccine: the old, the new, and the unknown. Clinical & developmental immunology, 2012 , 187585

Chentoufi, Aziz A; Kritzer, Elizabeth; Tran, Michael V; Dasgupta, Gargi; Lim, Chang Hyun; Yu, David C; Afifi, Rasha E; Jiang, Xianzhi; Carpenter, Dale; Osorio, Nelson; Hsiang, Chinhui; Nesburn, Anthony B; Wechsler, Steven L; BenMohamed, Lbachir 2011. The herpes simplex virus 1 latency-associated transcript promotes functional exhaustion of virus-specific CD8+ T cells in latently infected trigeminal ganglia: a novel immune evasion mechanism. Journal of virology, 85 17, 9127-38

Serafin, Elizabeth K; Burns, Robert; Yoo, Judy; Baccei, Mark L . Gucy2d selectively marks inhibitory dynorphin neurons in the spinal dorsal horn but is dispensable for pain and itch sensitivity. Pain reports, 6 2, e947