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What steps do I need to take to initiate my order, once I’ve determined which services I need?

Step 1: Complete and return your Application for Services  to

Step 2: If you are NOT sending live animals, complete and return your Sample Submission Form  to

If you ARE sending live animals, contact to discuss details

Where should I submit my samples?
University of Cincinnati
2120 East Galbraith Rd, A-021
Cincinnati, OH 45237

What are the volume requirements for the assays your center provides?

Assay Volume Requirements

 If I have less than 38 samples for a service that is priced as “per set of 38”, will I be charged less?

No.  The cost to perform these assays is the same for 1 sample up to 38 samples.  The same concept applies to services that are priced as a set of 12.

How do I separate out serum or plasma from the whole blood collected from my animal?

Serum & Plasma Preparation Information

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Contact Us

UC Reading Campus
Metabolic Diseases Institute
2120 E. Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: 513-558-2748