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Director’s Welcome

Richard BeckerOn behalf of our faculty, fellows, staff and academic community, I welcome you to the University of Cincinnati Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute. Our collective and overarching mission is to provide optimal care to patients with complex diseases, disorders and conditions affecting the heart, lungs and vascular system. We are committed to educating and training clinicians and scientists who will become future leaders, conducting cutting-edge basic science, translational and clinical research and establishing a “learning hospital” environment that assures quality, safety and reliability to each patient under our care. 

Our expertise, dedication and compassion, coupled with focused ambition and knowledge of science, culture and community, are used in daily activities to prevent heart, lung and vascular disease and to optimize the care of patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. The continuum of scientific advances, new discoveries, inventions and innovation range from population-based preventive care and the creative use of social media to the most complex procedures that require great skill, the best and brightness physicians and cutting edge technology, including mechanical heart pumps, transplantation and all aspects of structural heart disease. We are committed to transforming health care, teaching and research to benefit society. Our aspiration is driven by the belief that we can positively impact the health of our patients by:


The Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute is actively involved with community care plans in diseases and conditions, ranging from hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart failure and coronary artery disease prevention and fully committed to improving health and reduce emergency room visits. We will soon be the first to open a floating heart hospital- a highly innovative approach to out-of-hospital, affordable care.


Our faculty and staff are passionate about science - from the most fundamental levels of investigation to translating discoveries, new technologies and drug delivery systems to the bedside and, most importantly, to the community.


We are committed to educating and fully training the current and next generation of physicians, master clinicians, and scientists, taking full advantage of a world-class University and Allied Health Colleges on campus. Together we will embark upon a voyage of all that is known and that which is yet to even be imagined- all in the spirit of society and the human condition.

The UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute will be on the forefront of patient care, education and research - honoring our commitment to service, science, education and   excellence in everything that we do.

Richard C. Becker, MD
Mable Stonehill Endowed Chair Professor of Medicine
Director and Physician-in-Chief, UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

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