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University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center
Investigators & Members

University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center members specialize in discovery and translational research in disciplines including epigenetics, metabolomics, pharmaceutical sciences, cancer etiology and more. 

Visit the webpages of BTC Research Investigators to learn about our research programs.

BTC Research Investigators

Barrile Riccardo_web

Riccardo Barrile, PhD


Customized tumor modeling platform

Dasgupta Biplab_web

Biplab DasGupta, PhD

Cancer signaling & metabolism

Brain development and glioblastoma

Desai Pankaj_web

Pankaj Desai, PhD

Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

Drug Metabolism

Repurposed therapeutics & Glioblastoma

Missing Photo

Matthew Garrett, MD, PhD

IDH1 mutant glioma


Transcriptional control Olig2


Timothy Phoenix, PhD

Pediatric brain tumors

Tumor-vascular interactions

Mouse models and preclinical testing

Pomeranz Krummel Daniel_web

Daniel Pomeranz Krummel, PhD

RNA-based therapeutics

GABAa receptor

Focused ultrasound drug delivery

Plas_blur background_web

David R. Plas, PhD

Tumor metabolism

Signaling control

Experimental therapeutics

Missing Photo

Xiaoyang Qi, PhD


Brain metastases & Phospholipid targeting

Therapeutic discovery & Novel imaging modality

Sasaki Atsuo_web

Atsuo Sasaki PhD

Metastatic tumors & Glioblastoma

Nucleotide metabolism & Repurposed therapeutics

Sengupta Soma_web

Soma Sengupta, MD, PhD

Neuro-oncology & Clinical trials

GABAa receptor

Brain metastasis – melanoma & lung Glioblastoma Medulloblastoma

Steckl Andrew_web

Andrew Steckl, PhD


Drug delivery nanomaterials

Wang Chenran_web

Chenran Wang, PhD

Tuberous Sclerosis


Breast cancer brain metastasis & Autophagy & Bioenergy

Organization and Membership

The Brain Tumor Center is directed by Dr. Mario Zuccarello MD, Department of Neurosurgery.  Dr. Soma Sengupta MD PhD is the BTC Associate Director for Clinical Trials, and Dr. David Plas is the BTC Associate Director for Research.

Membership is available to all investigators with an interest in primary or metastatic brain tumors in the clinical and research communities at University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

  • BTC Research Investigators are members who are Principal Investigators on externally funded research programs focused on Brain Tumors, have Team Science Leadership in the BTC, are Principal Investigators of Clinical Trials, or who are initiating new research programs in the BTC.
  • BTC Associate Research Investigators are members who have significant research effort in Brain Tumors

To make an appointment or contact the Brain Tumor Center care team, visit the UC Brain Tumor Center at UCHealth.

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