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Center for Addiction Research Publications


Khan, Md Tareq Ferdous; Lewis, Daniel; Kaelber, David C; Winhusen, T John 2023. Health outcomes associated with patterns of substance use disorders among patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension: Electronic health record findings. Primary care diabetes, 17 1, 43-47

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Brown, Jennifer L; Cochran, Gerald; Bryan, M Aryana; Charron, Elizabeth; Winhusen, T John 2022. Associations between elevated depressive symptoms and substance use, prescription opioid misuse, overdose history, pain, and general health among community pharmacy patients prescribed opioids. Substance abuse, 43 1, 1110-1115

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Sprunger, Joel G; Johnson, Keilan; Lewis, Daniel; Kaelber, David C; Winhusen, T John 2022. Five-year incidence of substance use and mental health diagnoses following exposure to opioids or opioids with benzodiazepines during an emergency department encounter for traumatic injury. Drug and alcohol dependence, 238 , 109584

Young, Leslie W; Ounpraseuth, Songthip; Merhar, Stephanie L; Simon, Alan E; Das, Abhik; Greenberg, Rachel G; Higgins, Rosemary D; Lee, Jeannette; Poindexter, Brenda B; Smith, P Brian; Walsh, Michele; Snowden, Jessica; Devlin, Lori A 2022. Eating, Sleeping, Consoling for Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal (ESC-NOW): a Function-Based Assessment and Management Approach study protocol for a multi-center, stepped-wedge randomized controlled trial. Trials, 23 1, 638

Jiang, Weixiong; Merhar, Stephanie L; Zeng, Zhuohao; Zhu, Ziliang; Yin, Weiyan; Zhou, Zhen; Wang, Li; He, Lili; Vannest, Jennifer; Lin, Weili 2022. Neural alterations in opioid-exposed infants revealed by edge-centric brain functional networks. Brain communications, 4 3, fcac112

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Merhar, Stephanie L; Kline, Julia E; Braimah, Adebayo; Kline-Fath, Beth M; Tkach, Jean A; Altaye, Mekibib; He, Lili; Parikh, Nehal A 2021. Prenatal opioid exposure is associated with smaller brain volumes in multiple regions. Pediatric research, 90 2, 397-402

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