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Indispensable medicine, right here in Cincinnati.

Our doctors are triple threats. They’re teachers, researchers, and practicing physicians.

UC Physicians also serve as faculty for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. That means they’re not only discovering the latest approaches to medicine–they’re bringing those advancements directly to more than two million patients every year, and training the doctors who will care for you in the future.

The College of Medicine touches the lives of people throughout the Cincinnati community everyday:

  • The largest practice plan in the region, with more than 1,400 providers
  • More than 2.2 million annual visits through UC Health hospitals and offices.
  • UC College of Medicine faculty teach nearly 2,500 students each year
  • More than 67,000 physicians and health professionals receive continuing medical education each year through the UC College of Medicine
  • 1 in 3 Cincinnati area physicians received their medical degree from the UC College of Medicine and nearly two-thirds of the best physicians in the region are either graduates, were trained at, or are current faculty of the UC College of Medicine

Academic Medical Center

Together, UC Health, UCP, and the CoM make up the academic medical center affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. These entities work together to support the tripartite missions of clinical care, research, and education for the University of Cincinnati.

UC Health

Conducting cutting-edge medical and biomedical research

Through innovative research, the UC College of Medicine is unlocking new medical discoveries that improve lives—for people here in Cincinnati and throughout the world. 

  • More than $162 million in research grants and contracts
  • Nearly $16 million in industry funding for clinical trials
  • More than 3,200 people enrolled in hundreds of clinical trials last year
  • In 2022, faculty received seven patents and filed for another 11 patents

Physician Spotlight

Physician Spotlight

Jennie Hahn, MD; Christine Wilder, MD; T. John Winhusen, PhD; LaTrice Montgomery, PhD; and Joel Sprunger, PhD

They give hope to those in recovery

For people suffering with addiction, recovery can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But through cutting edge research, education, and the most holistic treatment options available in the area, UC Physicians and UC College of Medicine faculty offer healing and hope. Using a multidisciplinary approach that relies on a full spectrum of professionals—from nurses and social workers to peer specialists, psychologists, and addiction physicians—UC Addiction Sciences is helping people from all walks of life reclaim their dignity, their purpose, and their lives.

Indispensable medicine, right here in Cincinnati.

To obtain an appointment with the Addiction Sciences Division, call 513-585-8227.

Physician Spotlight

Image of Dr. Rebecca Howell, Dr. Gregory Dion, and Dr. Aaron Friedman,
Dr. Gregory Dion, Dr. Rebecca Howell, and Dr. Aaron Friedman

They improve quality of life

Most people don’t give their voice a second thought until there’s a problem. But for UC College of Medicine physician-scientists Dr. Gregory Dion, Dr. Rebecca Howell, and Dr. Aaron Friedman, finding and perfecting state-of-the-art treatments for voice, swallowing, and airway disorders is first priority. They are partnering with engineers, researchers, speech language pathologists, and UC Physicians colleagues to give a voice back to those who have lost it. From professional singers, teachers, and preachers to cancer sufferers, transgender populations, and Parkinson’s patients, your voice means as much to us as it does to you.

Indispensable medicine, right here in Cincinnati.

To obtain an appointment with Drs. Dion, Howell or Friedman, call 513-475-8400.

Physician Spotlight

Photo of Paquette And Wadhwa
Dr. Ian Paquette and Dr. Neha Wadhwa

They take cancer personally

In the fight against colorectal cancer, both time and nuance are key. That’s why UC College of Medicine physicians Dr. Ian Paquette and Dr. Neha Wadhwa and the entire UC Physicians multidisciplinary team promote screening for early detection (now starting at age 45) and take the time to thoroughly review each case individually. It’s a careful, collaborative process. One that determines the best path for each patient—regardless of whether the consensus is a surgical solution or a less invasive approach. Rigorous metrics. Dedicated specialists. Working together with you in mind.

Indispensable medicine. Right here in Cincinnati.

Physician Spotlight

Photo of Hattemer And Louis
Dr. Louis B. Louis IV and Dr. Charles Hattemer

They work together for better care.

Collaboration is often talked about. But at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, it’s the very real basis for advanced cardiac care. From complex diseases to common issues, Dr. Louis B. Louis IV and Dr. Charles Hattemer and the UC Physicians heart team collaborate to provide the most effective treatments. It’s a stop, listen, and discuss approach. One that leverages the latest research, the best guidelines, the most advanced technology—and a veritable army of health professionals and clinicians, all working together for better outcomes for us all.

Physician Spotlight

Dr. Khatri

She’s opening doors to improved stroke care.

Looking back at her own father’s misdiagnosed stroke in Chicago in 2006, Dr. Pooja Khatri, co-director of the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute Stroke Center of Excellence, wonders if local access to clinical trials might have affected the outcome. A recognized expert in the development of novel stroke therapies, Dr. Khatri cites such community access as one of the unique benefits the UC Stroke Team provides. It’s part of the team’s long tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration–opening doors to new ideas and treatments, and unlocking the next generation of standard stroke care.

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