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Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program

Current Students  |  Richard Ballweg

Albert J. Ryan Foundation Fellowship
Invited presenter, International Conference on Systems Biology 2017

My long-term research goals are to use mathematical modeling and other computational biology techniques to understand how molecular control networks within the cell determine cellular characteristics. With these models, I hope to understand how changes in molecular networks lead to disease and to use this knowledge to develop therapies to treat such diseases. During my senior year of college, I completed my capstone research in the laboratory of Dr. Edward Merino in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. This research was focused on the formation of superoxide-induced DNA-protein crosslinks. This research resulted in a poster presentation at the Midwest DNA Repair Symposium in 2012. Following graduation, I took a position in the Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. While there, I worked on a number of next-generation sequencing (NGS) projects, where I played a key role in developing bioinformatic pipelines to analyze NGS datasets. I joined the Systems Biology and Physiology program at the University of Cincinnati for graduate studies. While here, I chose to do my dissertation research in the lab of Dr. Tongli Zhang. This work has mainly focused on the development of mathematical models to study the proliferation of intestinal stem cells and the control of apoptosis by the p53 signaling pathway. In addition to my modeling work, I also focused on developing techniques to analyze model behaviors in high-dimensional space. My diverse scientific training and interests have allowed me to contribute to a wide range of projects in the lab and have also led to the introduction of numerous techniques to the lab.

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Richard Ballweg

Year in Program: 5th

Hometown: Miamisburg, Ohio

Mentor: Dr. Zhang


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