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In order to access the Complion platform, you must have a profile site up by your department administrator. If you do know know who this person is, please reach out to Adam Alexander at

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What is Complion?

As regulatory requirements expand and clinical trials grow more complex, it has become increasingly burdensome for research sites to manage documentation. Complion’s eRegulatory and Document Management platform improves efficiency, compliance and transparency for research sites and sponsors. Complion’s platform is the accepted standard, built by clinical researchers for clinical researchers. It ensures the highest level of compliance with the least amount of work, so that you can focus on what matters – your trials.

The Academic Medical Center has implemented Complion as its electronic regulatory system to meet the requirements determined by the U.S. Federal Regulations and Guidance Documents for electronic/computerized systems. Complion is Part 11 compliant and promotes the elimination of paper records.


Complion has many features that make it a useful tool for maintaining regulatory documentation such as: electronic signatures, remote monitoring of regulatory documentation, document sharing, ensured compliance and long-term document retention.

The University of Cincinnati/UC Health has built separate environments within Complion to support our research departments.
​​​​​​​These environments are:

  • Cancer
  • Dermatology - Otolaryngology - Ophthalmology
  • Emergency Medicine - Trauma - Neurosurgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • OB/GYN - Family Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Ortho/Environmental Medicine
  • Radiology (Gen & Onc), Anesthesiology & General Surgery

Complion Training

Complion has several resources available for their users on their website.

In order to access these resources, you must be logged in to the Complion system.

Please launch Complion (above), log in and then use the links to access the training resources.

Complion Quick Links - must be logged in to Complion to use

Complion Documents

Complion Quick Guide (docx)

Complion Study Start-Up Binder Process (docx)

Letter of Nonrepudiation (pdf)

Complion Central Documents (docx)

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