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Photo of  Yan Xiao, PhD

Yan Xiao, PhD

  • Ph.D: Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Bachelor: Harbin Normal University
  • Medical Physics Residency – CAMPEP Accredited : Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Z. Y. Xiao, W. Zou, T. Chen, N. Yue, S. Jabbour, M. Zhang, 2017. “Can we use the same dose constrains learnt from photon world to plan proton for lung cancer?” Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, ,

Z. Y. Xiao, Joseph P. Driewer, Lei Zhang, H. Harold Li, 2015. “The role of oxygen in the photostimulation luminescence process of KCl:Eu2+” Radiation Measurement, 76 , 23

Z. Y. Xiao, R. Hansel, H. Chen, D. Du, D. Yang, H. Li, 2014. “Temperature dependence of the photostimulated luminescence of KCl:Eu2+ storage phosphor dosimeters” Nucl Instrum Methods Phys Res B. , 326 , 182

Z. Y. Xiao, Rachael Hansel, Haijian Chen, Dongsu Du, Deshan Yang, H. Harold Li 2013. “Temporal signal stability of KCl:Eu2+ storage phosphor dosimeters” Medical Physics , 40 021721,

Abstract Publications

Y. B. Zhang, Z. Y. Xiao, E. Lee, R. Lepage, L. Dong, A. Mascia 2017. “Towards dosimetrically equivalent proton facilities: golden beam data for proton pencil beam scanning” 59 American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting, ,

Z. Y. Xiao, M. Reyhan , Q. Huang , M. Zhang , N. Yue , T. Chen, 2015. “Evaluation of Image Parameters Impact On the CT Calibration Curve for Proton Therapy” 57th American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting, ,