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Radiation Oncology

Photo of  Eunsin Lee, PhD

Eunsin Lee, PhD

Research Interests

Proton Therapy; Proton Minibeam/Flash; PET/Prompt Gamma Detector for Proton Range Verification

  • Bachelor of Science: Korea University
  • Master of Science: Texas A&M University
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Texas A&M University
  • Medical Physics Residency: University of Washington
Contact Information
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • UC Health Proton Therapy Center
  • 7777 Yankee Road
  • Liberty Township, Ohio 45044
  • Office 513) 517-0381
  • Fax 513) 517-0418
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

Eunsin Lee, J Zeng, R S Miyaoka, J Saini, P E Kinahan, G A Sandison, T Wong, H J Vesselle, R Rengan, S R Bowen 2017. Functional lung avoidance and response-adaptive escalation (FLARE) RT: Multimodality plan dosimetry of a precision radiation oncology strategy Med Phys, 44 7, 3418-39

J Meyer, R D Stewart, D Smith, J Eagle, Eunsin Lee, N Cao, E Ford, R Hashemian, J Schuemann, J Saini, S Marsh, R Emory, E Dorman, J Schwartz and G Sandison 2017. Biological and Dosimetric Characterisation of Spatially Fractionated Proton Minibeams Phys Med Biol, 62 24, 9260-81

Eunsin Lee, J Meyer, G A Sandison 2016. Collimator Design for Spatially-Fractionated Proton Beams for Radiobiology Research Phys Med Biol, 61 , 6378-89

Eunsin Lee, J C Polf, D S Mackin, S Beddar, D Donlney, C Ainsley, A Kassaee, S Avery 2014. Study of the Angular Dependence of a Prompt Gamma Detector Response during Proton Radiotherapy Int J Particle Ther, 1 3, 731-44

J C Polf, D Mackin, Eunsin Lee, S Avery, S Beddar 2014. Detecting prompt gamma emission during proton therapy: the effects of detector size and distance from the patient Phys Med Biol, 59 , 2325-40

Eunsin Lee, M E Werner, J S Karp, S Surti 2013. Design Optimization of a Time-Of-Flight, Breast PET Scanner IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, 60 , 1645-52

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