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Graduate Program in
Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology

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Erich Goebel

Graduate Student- Thompson Lab

  • B.S.: Miami University

Research/Clinical Interests

Erich is performing his Doctoral Research in the lab of Tom Thompson.

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Walker, Ryan G; Czepnik, Magdalena; Goebel, Erich J; McCoy, Jason C; Vujic, Ana; Cho, Miook; Oh, Juhyun; Aykul, Senem; Walton, Kelly L; Schang, Gauthier; Bernard, Daniel J; Hinck, Andrew P; Harrison, Craig A; Martinez-Hackert, Erik; Wagers, Amy J; Lee, Richard T; Thompson, Thomas B 2017. Structural basis for potency differences between GDF8 and GDF11. BMC biology, 15 1, 19