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Graduate Program in
Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology

Photo of  Matt Beucler

Matt Beucler

Graduate Student- Miller Lab

  • B.S.: Ohio State University

Research/Clinical Interests

Matt is performing his Doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. William Miller.

Contact Information
  • CARE Building Room 2872
  • 231 Albert Sabin Way
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office 513-558-0867
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Morrison, Kristen M; Beucler, Matthew J; Campbell, Emily O; White, Margaret A; Boody, Rachel E; Wilson, Keith C; Miller, William E 2019. Development of a Primary Human Cell Model for the Study of Human Cytomegalovirus Replication and Spread within Salivary Epithelium. Journal of virology, 93 3,